A public Notice in Runeheim

I, Sir Knut Bjornsson of the Order of the White Star, in service to Her Lady Dragomir, swear publicly that I will ferret out and execute the heretic wise ones in service of the hollow song invaders before the snows break for spring.

(Repeated in Njord)

Word spreads

Mixed in with the stunned quiet and the fearful murmur and the crying children, there are rumors of small relief. The Hestrali of Stragosa have holed up in the tavern, where their new friend Cendre will be hosting a night of gambling and drinking on Friday to allow a brief reprieve from the horrors of the greater city. After all, what response can we have to the encroaching dark but bright light and rebellious racket?

There will be traditional Hestrali games of skill and chance, cheap wine, and the delicacies of a better season. Bring what you have if you have something to share. As is tradition in leaner times, trade and barter are all accepted as surety on table debts- talk to Allegra if you want to put something up in exchange for some coin. And remember, the pass is closed. So either we all get through this, or none of us do. Might as well go with wine and chocolate on our lips.

An Announcement While Under Siege

(Posted and cried in the hours before forum)

Citizens of Stragosa,

Today we find strength within ourselves in these dire hours. Every single one of us will take up arms against the foul creatures that descend upon us. Those of you that can: protect those that can not. Do not recoil in the face of evil now, stand together and survive.

We – as a city – have survived the horrors of nights past, and we will survive once again. None of us will hand over Stragosa tonight, or in nights to come.

The wounded and the brave will band together in the tavern at the forum. Seek the Lurihim to tend your wounds – and Bards to mend your spirits.

We will see the next dawn together. And the ones after that.

Until My Last Breath,

Sir Kirsa Blackiron, Seneschal of Stragosa
And the ruling council

An Urgent Call fo Labor

Citizens of Stragosa and Allies,

Our city seeks 5 laborers to complete a project of utmost importance before next forum. The project aims to minimize casualties in the coming months.

I ask any who are able or willing contact me directly as soon as possible. Compensation is available.

In service,

Sir Kirsa Blackiron
Seneschal of Stragosa

Food and Shelter in Stragosa as the Winter Ends


Citizens of Stragosa,

Let it be known that towards the end of winter in the year 604 of the age of the lion, the Ruling Council of Stragosa is taking a direct hand in ensuring those in need are going to be sheltered and fed through the coming long winter. This continues the good work done by the District Magistrates at the start of the winter, and the kindness of Reichgrafin Hezke von Heidrich.

Any law-abiding citizen of Stragosa registered by the census taker may reach out to the Master of Coin or Seneschal (Sir Kirsa Blackiron) or one of their duly appointed deputies in order to receive food for themselves and their families until the next forum. Similarly, any law-abiding citizen of Stragosa may reach out to any District Magistrate who has housing in their district and housed free of charge. In exchange, the city expects a small contribution in the form of labour or other resources that can be spared. If the labour has already been pledged to other worthy causes, or if you have recently already helped the city, no citizen will be turned away, of course. Please register your need now: you will be fed and sheltered, and at some point in the future you will be asked to help with the common good.

Additionally, Stragosa will renew its ‘citizenship’ system that was in use last spring and combine it with the cooperative approach of the ‘Gothic Model’ to ensure the needs of the citizenry are met. This means Stragosa will continue to reward citizens who aid Stragosa by performing tasks assigned to them by an officer of the city (such as census taking, tax collection, archeological investigations, or types of labour). In turn, urgently needed equipment or other assistance can be provided to those who contribute back to Stragosa. Continue reaching out to Sir Emeric Sanguine for instructions for how to contribute; he will receive pointers from the Seneschal and Master of Coin of how to direct those efforts. This is also a good time to recognize the continued activities of our census taker, Master Eloi, who has relentlessly worked to keep ensure the integrity of Stragosa’s citizenry.

It is with unquenchable joy and unbridled enthusiasm that I can announce the return of Lord Edwin Fafnir to this august forum, resuming as District Magistrate of his beloved Well District, after a brief voyage to our homeland. To recap, this means the current District Magistrates are Lord Edwin Fafnir (Well), Lady Alexandra Gale (Church), Lady Patricia Underwood (Guard), Lord Pietro Giotolli (Market), Prince Korma Araga (South), and Sir Marius (Portofino). The Library District continues to be managed by the Seneschal, Sir Kirsa Blackiron at this time, but I’m told a permanent appointment is very near.

Emich von Volksnand
Master of Coin


Questions Which Have Been Posed With Alarming Frequency and Thus Demand Answer

Q: How does my character get fed?
A: If your character has been registered on the census as residing in Stragosa and you have no other affiliations (visitor, Kuarlite, etc), just indicate in your downtime that you’re getting fed by Stragosa/the treasury. If you’ve just shown up as a player character and you need food so you get a downtime, we will feed you.

Q: How does my character get housed?
A: Most/all District Magistrates have buildings that can house player characters between forums. Reach out to your favourite DM in-game (e.g. on FB chat, see their names above) and ask if they’ve got room, and what the location is (city square/coordinate) that you can provide in your downtime. The DMs *shouldn’t* be charging your character anything for this privilege, but some of them are super shady I’ve heard.

Q: Are you gonna demand that I pledge all of my character’s resources to the city if I take you up on free food and housing?!
A: No. But if you do sleep in a DM’s house and eat the city’s food, you may be asked to help out with some basic, non-deadly task at some point in the future. Nobody’s gotta smash your character if you decide not to, at that time. This is meant to help drive RP between characters, not end it.

Q: Who is the census taker?
A: Master Eloi. He’d love to add you to the census so we can make sure your character is taken care of if needed.

Seeking Archaeologists!

Citizens of Stragosa,

Are you interested in the history of Stragosa?

Would you like to see the the city grow and improve?

Do you find joy in the idea of spending time with some of your friends investigating dark ruins?

Do you have the good sense not to consort with the terrible things you might find there?

The Path to Archaeology awaits you!

Please contact me so that we can make arrangements on where you are going to investigate.

Master of Archaeology

Newsletter Flyer

If I haven’t spoken to you already, could the newcomers to Stragosa reach out to me? We like to include introductory information for newcomers in the newsletter and would love to help you find your place here.

Help Wanted – Concierge

Alonzo d’ Melano seeks a discrete individual to protect his privacy at the Tavern in Silbran. This person must know enough of the Street to deflect the inquiries of the curious (Streetwise 2) and enough Etiquette to create a good impression to visitors (Etiquette 1.) Payment negotiable. Applicants willing to watch over children can expect greater compensation.

Labor Drive

The City of Stragosa is seeking laborers for a number of civic projects this winter. If you are looking for work to occupy the coming weeks, please contact Lady Alexandra Gale by the 10th day of January. Those citizens who work for the good of the city are eligible to receive food, housing, and other benefits as announced by the Master of Coin.