Word spreads

Mixed in with the stunned quiet and the fearful murmur and the crying children, there are rumors of small relief. The Hestrali of Stragosa have holed up in the tavern, where their new friend Cendre will be hosting a night of gambling and drinking on Friday to allow a brief reprieve from the horrors of the greater city. After all, what response can we have to the encroaching dark but bright light and rebellious racket?

There will be traditional Hestrali games of skill and chance, cheap wine, and the delicacies of a better season. Bring what you have if you have something to share. As is tradition in leaner times, trade and barter are all accepted as surety on table debts- talk to Allegra if you want to put something up in exchange for some coin. And remember, the pass is closed. So either we all get through this, or none of us do. Might as well go with wine and chocolate on our lips.

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