An Announcement While Under Siege

(Posted and cried in the hours before forum)

Citizens of Stragosa,

Today we find strength within ourselves in these dire hours. Every single one of us will take up arms against the foul creatures that descend upon us. Those of you that can: protect those that can not. Do not recoil in the face of evil now, stand together and survive.

We – as a city – have survived the horrors of nights past, and we will survive once again. None of us will hand over Stragosa tonight, or in nights to come.

The wounded and the brave will band together in the tavern at the forum. Seek the Lurihim to tend your wounds – and Bards to mend your spirits.

We will see the next dawn together. And the ones after that.

Until My Last Breath,

Sir Kirsa Blackiron, Seneschal of Stragosa
And the ruling council

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