Changelog 2.25

Patch 2.25 

Changes leading up to Episode 25


  • Ship’s Hold capacity increases to 100 items per one

Items and Materials

  • Adjusted some commodity prices
  • Outfit Recipe corrected from Lining, Lining to Lining, Garment
  • Explanation of Silk’s benefits added to the Outfit page.

Perks, Flaws, Character Creation

  • Caravanserai interval time shortened to 1 Chapter later
  • Starting at Organizational Rank higher than 1 had its glory cost increased to double each time.
  • Organizational starting rank now caps at 2 instead of 3, unless Venerable is taken. 
  • Pure of Heart clarified to be Despair per each new Depravity, not each incident of sinning.
  • Renegade adjusted to allow a clean break


  • Last rites adjusted for usability with Last Breath state.


  • Shariqyn marriage practices among Altariq and Jharad clarified


  • Oath of Merit now only grants the Devoted state when pursuing a mission, and doesn’t grant Achievements.


  • Fear no longer also causes the Cowed Social Condition
  • “Hardened” armor trait changed to be just 1 Armor call, then breaks.  Masterwork Hardened Armor “breaks”, then recovers after the fight
  • The movement restrictions on Footwork have been significantly lessened in order to reduce complexity, now lasting as long as the user doesn’t break into a run.  See website for full rules.
  • Some Fighting Style abilities that grant special Footwork uses have been adjusted in light of this.
  • Speed 2’s ability “Slippery” no longer gives repeating Dodge, instead just 1 Dodge per Rest
  • Speed 2 now gives Immunity to the Stagger condition.
  • Strength 2 No longer gives immunity to the Stagger condition.
  • Stagger is now more powerful, requiring no combat for 3 beats to recover.


  • Swamp movement cost increased from 2 to 3.  This was a typo between version changes.
  • Stealth Valor referenced a now unused mechanic, and is now updated that their Forced allowed to freely move through occupied territory


  • The Staff/Player process around Spellwork Downtime actions is changed to be a single-sided approval/rejection/adjustment system and no longer supports renegotiation. 
  • The Wizard’s Coin Technique clarified how it can be used, and notes that it can be used on any written work, not just spells.


  • Added Corpse Heap, Ruin and Command Post to buildings list – they were cut off by a bug
  • Castle and Palace both now give the “privacy” benefit that Estates have against Streetwise.
  • Negotiate Shipping and Arrange Transaction Commerce uses had more detail given about their effective rates.


  • Participating in an Aa’boran ritual as a Benalian from moved from Heresy 3 to Heresy 2
  • Deadly Vanity updated wording: “Sacrificing someone’s life for your own gain, or letting someone die for the benefits it brings.”


  • Removed a typo on the Agent Page where it said 3x Agent cost from org page for ally. 1/tier, listed elsewhere, is the correct cost.
  • Procurator catalyst rate specified.


  • Magus Achievements added for  Magi’Biraq and Magi’Tariq 
  • Aa’boran has a new Atonement Ritual.  Having a ritual about not drinking water at larp wasn’t a good idea.
  • A new ritual has been added to help recover from Despair
  • Guiding Magus Advanced Study removed.  Some rituals now have this effect applied to them automatically.
  • Aaboran Biraq now has its first set of Sacred Aa’boran rituals
  • A full suite of Indr’atma Rituals and their Achievement couldn’t be finished for this cycle, but should be coming next Patch.

Changelog 2.24

Patch 2.24 

Changes leading up to Episode 24

Cities and Rulership

  • Adjustment: Changes have been made to specific buildings to update their effects to the current rules version.  Some buildings (especially food related ones) have had their Staffing requirements lessened.
  • Adjustment: Guildhall room: “Tavern Hall” removed, as it pertained to a no longer existing game effect.  
  • Clarified:  Labor from a character (even their Perks) must always be on the same site 
  • Clarified: “Gravity Decline/Decay” has been simplified to simply “Decline” and is now more thoroughly explained in the Rulership section.
  • Adjustment: Added an Orthodoxy option to reduce Peasant Decline.
  • Adjustment: Increased the cost for “Standards and Traditions” and “Subsidies and Incentives” from 1 to 5.
  • Clarified:  What happens if you build and staff more than one Manor in a Reich or try to have 2 Rulers.
  • Adjustment: Quartermaster and similar buildings have had their conversion rates substantially adjusted to require less inputs.
  • Adjustment: Vinyard is changed to a kind of farm.
  • Adjustment: Brewery changed from 100 Veg:10 Casks to 10 Veg: 1 Cask per use Max 10 to make it easier to use.
  • Name Change: The Library room of the Church has been renamed Scriptorium to distinguish it from the mage’s Librarium room.
  • Adjustment: Requirements to build higher level Mage Tower Librariums changed from requiring copies of the materials to requiring the previous level of Librarium.


  • Clarification: The XP reductions in the Academics Skill can’t be reached by temporary bonuses like Hope or Devotion.
  • Adjustment: Carpentry 4’s action to make superior building blueprints did not explain how to do so or provide any costs.  It can be done using a Downtime Action and can be performed on existing buildings.
  • Adjustment: Sincerity 4 – Interrogation has had its wording adjusted to indicate that the interrogation must be used as part of an “interrogation-like” atmosphere, not at one-off intervals during normal conversation.
  • Correction:  Forestry erroneously listed a Plowshed as a possible upgrade for logging.  Draft Horses can be used for Forestry only with the addition of a Horsepower and Work system provided by Engineering.
  • Adjustment: Output of secondary materials from gathering (eg Forestry: vegetables) and Village Ally item outputs have been lowered greatly to match the changed conversion rates of associated buildings.
  • Adjustment: Arbitrage (Mercantilism 4) has been adjusted to match the new World Prices system

Character Creation

  • Clarified:  Ward cannot be a PC
  • Clarified:  Hardy is +1 to Labor or Gathering action effect, not “two” actions that can be spent very differently.
  • Clarification:  Gave more examples to Egotism Devotions to better indicate that a specific field of influence or power is required.
  • Clarified: Pragmatic characters take No Effect from any Ritual effect, including blessed or cursed items.
  • Adjustment:  The Gutter Trash Perk for Scum characters has been adjusted in light of the removal of Poverty.

Arcane Magic

  • Clarified:  Acuity must be equal or higher to cast a spell with no risk, not higher.
  • Adjustment: The Infernal Spark’s ability to change Devotions now stipulates that in order to earn a Personal Achievement the Devotion must have stuck for at least one event.
  • Adjustment:  Ocean’s Might no longer references Poignancy, instead allowing Evocations near large water bodies.
  • Large Adjustment: Magicians no longer gain Magician Achievements through magic dissertations.  This is now how they claim Scholar Achievements per Scholar Organizations and Invention. Instead, Magicians gaina new ability called Pattern Alignment that allows them to close down active wyrds, which might cause a change in them that make them more powerful, but ultimately, stranger.
  • Large Adjustment: The Time Domain can no longer control “Chronos” time, and can only control “Kairos” time.  Speeding up and slowing effects are now handled exclusively with the Speed Domain, which has been clarified for this use case.
  • Clarified: Pattern Alignment doesn’t remove the Anacrusis, just stops the Wyrd.

Organizations and Agents

  • Clarified:  the Spy Agent is a Social Attack
  • Adjustment:  The number of Agents required for higher Rank Organizations has been increased.
  • Adjustment:  Specialist Commander Military Agents are stationed in the field rather than the city, thus don’t take up city slots, and can be requisitioned from the Organization.
  • Clarified: Loadmaster’s use of Military Armor and Military Weapons
  • Adjusted:  Merchant Agent “Expert” can give its benefit over the Downtime as part of a Research action.
  • Clarification: Librarian Agent functionality clarified

General and Downtimes

  • Updated the Start Here page with some information on the religious nature of some aspects of play, and some IC options for dealing with OOC discomfort around the topic.
  • Adjustment: Vegetable amount required for a player to eat is reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Adjustment:  Travel distances doubled to 2 Hexes per Travel Speed.
  • Large Adjustment: “Poverty” is now gone as a concept as a penalty for not having adequate Food and Housing.  Instead, having Food and Housing is what grants the use of a Downtime Action at all, and that information is requested when Downtimes are submitted.  It is assumed that characters that don’t submit Downtime Actions spend their time scraping by.
  • Adjustment: When Traveling, only a single destination can be engaged with over the Downtime.
  • Large Adjustment:  The global prices have been updated and the method by which they are calculated has been changed to better reflect a real economy.


  • Correction: Paladins who use Dark Powers gain Depravity for doing so, just as pre-patch, though this was left off of the site until now by mistake
  • Adjustment:  Paladin’s Gift “Inspiration” causes any number of recipients (up from 1) to enter the Devoted state for the scene as it relates to the Paladin’s Devotion, but does not give a new Devotion in full.


  • Adjustment:  Oath of Merit’s temporary additional Devotion has been clarified to be a Chaos or Order Devotion and grants a Knight Achievement when completed.
  • Added Oath of the Vanquisher to 2nd Degree Knight.  This Oath allows the Knight to ask for Requisition Points.


  • Adjustment:  Reduced the penalties to appropriate unit types in Summer and Autumn from -2 to -1, which is more reasonable with the revised unit stats.
  • Adjustment:  Raid actions cannot be taken against a settlement if there is a hostile army present.
  • Adjustment: Warfare battles now create “charnel fields” which can be looted with a Labor action or put to rest with Battlefield Ceremonies (warrior priests).  If not dealt with these eventually rise as enemy forces.


  • Clarified: Hallowed Rites are those which have a specific Prayer, and you can do them in Aldersabin to treat it as Ceremonial

Items and Equipment

  • Adjustment: Library collection and associated rooms removed – this is handled through Librarian Agent
  • Adjustment: Currency no longer is social class restricted in the setting.