Patch 2.25 

Changes leading up to Episode 25


  • Ship’s Hold capacity increases to 100 items per one

Items and Materials

  • Adjusted some commodity prices
  • Outfit Recipe corrected from Lining, Lining to Lining, Garment
  • Explanation of Silk’s benefits added to the Outfit page.

Perks, Flaws, Character Creation

  • Caravanserai interval time shortened to 1 Chapter later
  • Starting at Organizational Rank higher than 1 had its glory cost increased to double each time.
  • Organizational starting rank now caps at 2 instead of 3, unless Venerable is taken. 
  • Pure of Heart clarified to be Despair per each new Depravity, not each incident of sinning.
  • Renegade adjusted to allow a clean break


  • Last rites adjusted for usability with Last Breath state.


  • Shariqyn marriage practices among Altariq and Jharad clarified


  • Oath of Merit now only grants the Devoted state when pursuing a mission, and doesn’t grant Achievements.


  • Fear no longer also causes the Cowed Social Condition
  • “Hardened” armor trait changed to be just 1 Armor call, then breaks.  Masterwork Hardened Armor “breaks”, then recovers after the fight
  • The movement restrictions on Footwork have been significantly lessened in order to reduce complexity, now lasting as long as the user doesn’t break into a run.  See website for full rules.
  • Some Fighting Style abilities that grant special Footwork uses have been adjusted in light of this.
  • Speed 2’s ability “Slippery” no longer gives repeating Dodge, instead just 1 Dodge per Rest
  • Speed 2 now gives Immunity to the Stagger condition.
  • Strength 2 No longer gives immunity to the Stagger condition.
  • Stagger is now more powerful, requiring no combat for 3 beats to recover.


  • Swamp movement cost increased from 2 to 3.  This was a typo between version changes.
  • Stealth Valor referenced a now unused mechanic, and is now updated that their Forced allowed to freely move through occupied territory


  • The Staff/Player process around Spellwork Downtime actions is changed to be a single-sided approval/rejection/adjustment system and no longer supports renegotiation. 
  • The Wizard’s Coin Technique clarified how it can be used, and notes that it can be used on any written work, not just spells.


  • Added Corpse Heap, Ruin and Command Post to buildings list – they were cut off by a bug
  • Castle and Palace both now give the “privacy” benefit that Estates have against Streetwise.
  • Negotiate Shipping and Arrange Transaction Commerce uses had more detail given about their effective rates.


  • Participating in an Aa’boran ritual as a Benalian from moved from Heresy 3 to Heresy 2
  • Deadly Vanity updated wording: “Sacrificing someone’s life for your own gain, or letting someone die for the benefits it brings.”


  • Removed a typo on the Agent Page where it said 3x Agent cost from org page for ally. 1/tier, listed elsewhere, is the correct cost.
  • Procurator catalyst rate specified.


  • Magus Achievements added for  Magi’Biraq and Magi’Tariq 
  • Aa’boran has a new Atonement Ritual.  Having a ritual about not drinking water at larp wasn’t a good idea.
  • A new ritual has been added to help recover from Despair
  • Guiding Magus Advanced Study removed.  Some rituals now have this effect applied to them automatically.
  • Aaboran Biraq now has its first set of Sacred Aa’boran rituals
  • A full suite of Indr’atma Rituals and their Achievement couldn’t be finished for this cycle, but should be coming next Patch.