Blueglass hill

Blueglass Hill is holy site where St. Joseph Braun was given the legendary pane of blue glass by the Archangel Cyaniel.
The summit is at 600 feet and the hill itself is 1 day ride west of Rosenberg. There is no easy path to the top. Reaching the summit itself requires one to climb, or ride a mule, up a significantly steep hillside with narrow trails.
The trails zig zagging trails are treacherous even during the best times of the year. Guides and mules can be acquired at the base of the hill on the Southern side, in a small village named Blueglass.
Due to the difficulty of reaching the summit travellers are rare. Although, Pilgrims sometimes decide to make the journey. To provide these pilgrims safe lodging, there is a fair sized cottage at the summit that is maintained by members of the Order of the Sacred Glass. The members of the Order will offer hospitality, food and shelter to pilgrims.
A stone statue of St. Joseph Braun in Prayer marks the exact spot where he was gifted the Blue pane by the Archangel Cyaniel.
Another reason that travelers come to the summit is the rare blue flowers known as Cyaniel’s Tears. These flowers only grow atop the summit of the hill. The flowers are said to have restorative and curative powers for the truly faithful. They have also been used to make extremely expensive dyes and paints. There are rumors that using the sacred flowers for dyes will soon be outlawed or controlled by the church.

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