Axioms and Sayings – Gotha

Below are some quotes and saying that are common in Gotha:

“All beginnings are hard” – It is difficult when you first start learning a new thing.

Son: “All gilda and I do since we got married is argue.”
Father: “All beginnings are hard, Son. You both just need time to adjust.”

“It’s sausage to me.” – I don’t care, or have a preference. It makes no difference.

Sgt: “Would you rather go on patrol, or stand the first watch?”
Trooper: “It’s sausage to me.”
Sgt: “Patrol it is then.”

“Don’t put it on the LONG BENCH” – Long bench means putting it off. This means don’t procrastinate on this.

Blacksmith to Apprentice: “Are you done with those nails for Sir Klaus’ man?”
Apprentice: “i’ll get to them.”
Blacksmith: “well, don’t put it on the long bench. Sir Klaus is a good man and we owe him.”

“He who rests, gets rusty” – get moving, don’t let yourself “rust”

Father: “after we’ve skinned, this deer, we’ll head on back home.”
Son: “can’t we just sit a bit and unwind?”
Father: “No, we’d best head back and get to fixin the roof. He who rests gets rusty.”

“go down with drums and trumpets.” – to fail spectacularly
Ser Klaus: “He was due to get transferred to the Emperor’s personal guard. What on earth was Ser Freidrich thinking drinking to the wee hours of the mourn and getting in that brawl? He’s undone himself before the Archbishop himself.This will get him sent to the Northern border for certain.”
Ser Heinrich: “I suppose he decided to go down with drums and trumpets.”

“an old fox understands a trap.” – You don’t have to explain that, or you can’t fool me.
Apprentice: “How’d you know that horseshoe needed to be replaced?”
Master of horse: “it was the way the horse was moving this morning. An old fox understands a trap.”

“Starting is easy, persistence is an art.” – stick with it
Daughter to mother: “I want to be as a fine with a sword as you!”
Mother: “well then, along with these lessons, every day you must hit the pells before breakfast then again at dusk. You’re very enthusiastic now, but starting is easy, persistence is an art.”

“failure makes smart.” – failing means you are learning how not to do it. You get better with practice.

Son to Mother: “I’ll never hit the mark. The bow is my enemy.”
Mother to Son: “you just need to practice. Failure makes smart.”

“The cheapest is always the most expensive.” -Don’t skimp and ruin the job.
Lord Johann to his father: “I think I’ll go with the Yoric to build us the North wall. He’s half the cost of Master Lonar.”
Father: “The cheapest way is always the most expensive. Yoric’s a fool. Master Lonar built Nestor bridge as a boy and it’s still as solid as ever.”

“Make haste with leisure.” -Stop and smell the roses.
Otto: “well, i’d love to stay and share a cup, but i’ve a hard day tomorrow.

Wilhelm: “Make haste with leisure Otto, you work to hard.”
Otto : “I suppose one won’t hurt then.”

“crooked logs also make straight fires.” – seeking the perfect is the enemy of “good.” Make due with what you have, don’t stop because you don’t have EVERYTHING in perfect order.
Sgt. Klaus to Lord Sauber: “these new guards are green as can be. Not a one of them has ever seen a spear.”

Lord Sauber: “Crooked logs also make straight fires Klaus. Do as best you can and spread them around so they can learn from the veterans.”

“He who chases two rabbits at once will catch none.” – do one thing at a time.
Dieter to his father: “I love Anna with all my heart. She’s kind as can be and i love her laugh, but then there’s Elisabeth. Every time i see her my heart just stops.”

Father: “He who chases two rabbits at once will catch none. Which do you trust?”

“If the rider is no good, it’s the horse’s fault.” – Don’t shift the blame away from yourself. Take responsibility.
Squire Herbert: “you keep knocking the sword out of my hand when we practice. There’s something wrong with the hilt.”
Sir Dieter: “If the rider is no good, it’s the horse’s fault. Have you considered that you might be holding it too tightly?”

“don’t act like an offended sausage.” – don’t be so dramatic.

Klaus: “How dare he accuse me of taking the bread?”
Lowell: “Don’t act like an offended sausage, he asked us all.”

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