Seeking Strong Backs for Labor, and Masterful Performers for Commissioning

Sir Connor Rosewood seeks laborers for the deconstruction of a structure in the coming weeks.
Two strong backs or equivalent is needed in this one upcoming period.
Coin amount negotiable.

Additionally, Master Performers sought for the commissioning of works.
Song, poem, or painting, or any other mediums are all worthy.

Please reach out as soon as possible for these opportunities via my usual messenger; Faye Se’Book

A Plea for Release

Dated a full month after the conclusion of November’s Forum, after his Raven reporting success in his orders to recover Zurihim Artifacts, Sir Connor sends another Raven to his Liege; Count Archibald.

“Your Grace,

I trust that in the time that has passed, the successful delivery of the Zurihim artifacts has reached Lord Romulous Archibald in the University, and study is underway. It was a great honour to serve House Archibald in this manner, and further discoveries of great historical value will most certainly continue to be shared with the University.

It is with humility at this time, however, that I request that you consider releasing me from my Oath of Fealty without sanction. My service to House Archibald has been a great privilege, and your willingness to elevate me to Nobility was beyond anything I dreamed of. Yet, I now feel a pull in my very soul that my path leads me to service to Benalus as a member of the Church of Mankind.

The glory that I have achieved through recent Triumph, and fulfillment of my Oath of Merit, I hereby offer unto the House and Order as Influence to be done with as you see fit.

Be my request accepted or declined, I await your response in Stragosa with the expediency you deem appropriate.

-Sir Connor Rosewood,
Knight Errant of the White Ravens”

Raven to Port Melandir, Knights of the White Raven

Quartermaster’s Office,

Stragosa has long struggled to acquire that which we need to grow and flourish, though recently we have had our hard work rewarded with the completion of a University. In the hopes that we can spread knowledge and learning throughout the valley, there is a great desire to see it furnished with a Library Room. To this effect, I have taken it upon myself to aid seeking out a source for the necessary Library Collection.

I would request at this time to know if such a collection can be commissioned from the University. Please respond with the feasibility of this request, a quoted price for the commission (including what portion would need to be paid in deposit), and how long approximately the scribing may take (upon receipt of the deposit).

-Sir Connor Rosewood,
Knight of the White Ravens

Here ye, daughters and sons of Dunland

A notice is posted in the usual public forums, and is presented in both the Gothic and Dunnick languages. A few cryers walk the public forums delivering the message in the Dunnick language, to those of Dunnick heritage who are unable to read.

Laborer’s Wanted For Construction

Laborers sought for construction of a structure.

A half dozen strong backs needed, or equivalent of those who can managed more than the average share.

Generous coin offered.

Seek out Sir Connor Rosewood for details.

In Service to Count Archibald

In a place where those who wished could easily see, is a declaration posted.

“Upon my word, I, Sir Connor Rosewood of the Order of the White Ravens, shall uncover what ever history of the Zurihim resides beneath the Market District by the end of summer.”

Master Performers Saught for Comissions

Sir Rosewood seeks masterful performers and artists from which to commission Masterwork art pieces and performances.

Should you be up to the task, seek him privately at your earliest convenience.