A Notice to Nobles and Civil Servants

-Posted about town and heard from the town criers-

In light of the complications which were experienced with the newly implemented systems of item procurement for the nobility and civil servants, and due to the increased amount of time and effort cost to both the Master of Coin and to the Financial Coordinator the following procedures are to be effective immediately regarding requisitions for goods or resources from the treasury:

All requests by the Nobility and Civil Servants for Resources, Materials, Education, or Goods such as arms, armor, or tool kits, must be made to the Office of the Master of Coin, by way of the Financial Coordinator NO LATER than 2 weeks prior to the first day of Forum. This ensures that the Master of Coin and Financial Coordinator have adequate time to facilitate request of service to those individuals who have chosen Citizenship through donating their labor as craftsmen to the city.

Requests to the Financial Coordinator can be made by letter courier or messenger bird to the address Corvo(dot)di(dot)Talmerin(at)gmail(dot)com

In Service,
Corvo di Talmerin, Financial Coordinator of Stragosa

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