A letter scented with perfume. It is sealed with blue wax imprinted with the visage of a marlin.

Translated from Hestron

To my beloved,

Looking upon the untamed forests and rolling hills of Stragosa, my heart feels nothing but your absence. Though it is impossible that we may be together, I know you are the only one for me. My only wish is for your lips to touch mine if only for one instant, to relieve me from the pain of a world in which you are apart from me. The sun may set, the seasons may change, but know that my love for you will never fade.

Before you, my life was without meaning, but it is you I live for now. Every achievement, every endeavor, every obstacle overcome is yours, for it is my love that pushes me to thrive where others may have faltered. You give me such strength that I feel I can move mountains. You give me such guile that I feel I can find profit in every corner of the world. You are the divinity that all humans seek. I wish to worship every inch of you with whispered prayers to God for having the benevolence to create you.

It is my wish that you should meet me at Fenerstat. I will wait as long as possible for you on Ramone’s vessel. I know you know it well. I would like to shower you in all the affections that you deserve in a year in but what few nights we might spend together.

Yours forever and always

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