Where one finds peace and joy.

It always amuses me how some find it hard to put down a wild animal. For what else can one who takes their own kin and would use and trade them as such.

I can tell Bryn is no stranger to doing a days work. No matter what that work may be. The others though. They know the trade of violence but bith of them looked sick as we burried the men.

The southern would say it is a sign their souls are clean, that they would suffer these. Wounds. For doing work.

I know those who still feel when their blades bite, are perhaps in better health.

It makes me.wonder then when I feel peace. Fullfillment, for what we did. This was right. This needed to happen for the community to heal.

What does it say about me when I smile and am released while others feel their souls crumble.

At least Clemens words I can take true pride in.

“Because of you, I dedicate myself to the community.”

My actions, my example. To think I would be the one to help him find what he wants to fight for.

I can take pride in that. That my story, helped him become the man he wants to be.

There is no shame in that. I can hold onto that.

I’ll be a man worth such admiration.

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