Victory of the Soul

Dear friend Alonzo,

You caught me unawares at forum and I was unable to express my joy about your new path. I’m so glad you were as moved as I was by the Beggar King’s song. I’m so glad to be walking with others and see that same light of righteousness in you.

It’s easy to make excuses. Things that can’t be done without magic. People we have to kill or they’ll kill us. The necessity of war. Just another drink to drown our sorrows. Lying for the greater good.

It’s much harder to take the righteous path.

I do not accept the quick and easy aid of magic- not because I hate mages (I don’t) or even because I suspect it comes from dark places (I do), but because relying on it stunts our growth as a people. Invention is the holy alternative to seemingly insurmountable problems, even if it takes generations. Using magic leads to dependence on magic, and magic isn’t the righteous path.

I don’t kill. I protect and I disarm and I try to rehabilitate. And I fail sometimes. But I try.

For every task there are a thousand temptations- a thousand easier paths to accomplish our physical goals. But this world was made so that we can improve ourselves- find solutions to problems without sin. It’s our duty and our joy to be better people every day.

The path we walk is hard, but it can be easier with company. It’s with that in my mind and in my heart that I write to you. My friend, your gift touched me and brought me joy. It inspired me to further our shared dream. You have a Gift greater than any of mine- the Gift to touch the hearts of others. Will you use it? Will you make more masterpieces to inspire others to our cause?

I dream of a city filled with the righteous. Our days filled with joy and betterment. And art that reflects our path all around us. Supporting each other in our struggles and helping end sin in our time.

Write me soon, brother, or visit me.

I believe in you.
Sir Emeric Sanguine

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