To The Sky!

Balthazar is here to unveil a gift to the good citizens of Stragosa!

This will be a spell that has been toiled over for many months. For the safety of our city and to prevent the great horrors of the night, Balthazar presents :


Starting this forum Balthazar, (being Me as well as I) will be casting and maintaining a sigil of protection in an well marked, easily accessible public location. This sigil, when activated, will allow the user as well as any companions gathered nearby to temporarily gain the power of flight. Any who would flee for their life and any who would travel through the beautiful clear skies rather than the great darkness that so threatens our land- they may find a bit of respite in the ability to soar above it.

This has been developed to allow for safer travel between different locations within the forum. Too long I have witnessed so many horrors, too long have good citizens died in the streets. This will be my contribution to mitigate such senseless waste of human life.

This will be a small gift, but if a single life is saved it will be worth the months of work. This is a humble gift, but in truth it is a promise of dedication to the city’s wellbeing and to many more wonders to help mankind fight back the night.

Thank you my friends, I look forward to your wonderous company once again.

Your humble and most excellent friend,
-Balthazar di Carrivaggo

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