To Mother Amelie regarding Blessed Pietro

Mother Amelie,

I must express my deepest gratitude for your receiving me upon my visit to your fair city. It was such a pleasure to find others to whom the Blessed Padre has influenced so deeply with his songs of the road. Truly his words are inspired by Benalus and the archangels. I am singing his tales in Stragosa and can spread word of his miracles far and wide. If you have any miracle stories that you have heard in your travels, send them to me if you can, so I can compile them together. Soon we will have enough to take to the Curia for initial investigation into his lionization.

Your words have always eased my heart and given me hope that no matter what happens, our world can be healed and humanity can approach its highest calling. Pray for me, a sinner who still hopes to help the world, and I will, with my small power, pray for you as well.

“Tomorrow is a Highway Broad and Fair and we are the Workers Who’ll Build it There.”

With admiration and love I remain your servant,

Alonzo d’ Melano
Dean of the Bardic College of Silbran

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