To Leandro Nicostratus- Costa Luceste


I can’t tell you how many times I have set quill to paper to write you in this last year, but for once, words have failed me. These last two years have been more eventful than I ever anticipated setting foot on the rocky shores of Njordr. Visvind was a delight and, after what happened to Lile, a welcome respite from Dunland. Thanks to Ironbelly, I found some help in Mrs Gatewatch, who helped me get settled in. But you know how it is, I can’t stay in one place for very long. I was traveling with some of the goods we were transporting, on a Njord ship called Vindvald, when we were attacked by raiders from the Rimelands who drew alongside. Those of us that survived the initial attack were bundled up and tugged along after them. I learned later that our attackers were members of the Dogheart clan, though they had an emissary from the Hollow Song clan. Cannibals! They said that they would trade us as food stock, though I couldn’t really tell if they were telling the truth. Eventually Alrek, who was one of the guards originally protecting the caravan, helped me to run away. His knowledge of the forest and tundra was invaluable in the last year as we have traveled settlement to settlement trying to get back to Visvind. I have learned so much and I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that my education was Not useless. My year of botany saved our lives several times, though did nothing to stave off the cold or the wolves.

Obviously, I wasn’t going to stay in Njordr after such an experience. My string of bad luck has followed me all the way back to Costa Nera all those years ago. Do you remember that? We’d just come ashore from Le Sorelle when we were accosted by those ruffians? A long way from the Master Mercer you are now. But anyway, I decided to head to Stragosa. I have heard interesting rumors that I’d like to confirm. Besides, I hear Corvo di Talmerin, the one I met in Port Melandir, has also headed that way. Have you heard from Padraig Drust? He’s the only refugee I haven’t heard from recently. Last I heard he was working as an Arkwright in Carminia. Could you look into that?

When I arrived in Stragosa, I was met with more supernatural than I’d ever experienced before. A ghost on the road, a ghoul that attacked us from the woods, and a bear spirit that ended up killing at least four people before vanishing. It was incredible. Not the mention the fact that I got to see the Miracle in person! Father Renatus was the name of the man I think. There were a few others though. I’d be interesting in hearing what they all experienced. Anyway, I thought I owed you at least a story because it took needing something for me to write you. A Friend of the Orange Baron asked me to look into a gentleman by the name of Marius, a masseuse and engineer that just moved into Silbran. Marius is from Le Sorelle as well, though I don’t remember if he told me where in specific. I would appreciate any aid that you could give me.

Leo, I’ve missed you. Perhaps one of these days you can come visit.
Your friend,
William II

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