The Silver Brooch

“She wore it every day my mother did. It was beautiful. Shiny and silver. The center of it was a rectangle. A square blue sapphire in the middle. Crossing through it top to bottom were 3 lines that jutted out to different lengths. Each ending in a teardrop shape on the end. All capped with pearls.

My father had brought it home for her when he came back from the front in Sha’ra. He said he’d had it made special by a merchant that traveled back with his battalion. She loved that brooch.

Every night she’d kiss it on her way to bed, and have us kiss it also to remember him. She’d hold it, or stroke it when she spoke of him.

A year ago as she lay on her deathbed wheezing. As the priest came in she said, “it’s yours now dear. She took it off and placed it gently in my hand. “She smiled then coughed then smiled again, “now both your father and I will be with you always.”

Those were her last words. I stood there gently stroking it with my thumb and told her I loved her. I’ve carried it ever since.”

-Curia Remedia Archives, Lion Age 602
Sample taken at Uberhof, outside city wall after raid.

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