The Operating of the Metalli

The Metalli
Hello, and thank you for reading my missive. My name is Guildmaster Borso, of the Metalli of Stragosa. I write to you today to let you know of opportunities for apprentices, journeymen, and masters in the miraculous City of Stragosa.

In particular, I am in need of enterprising Officers, as you will see in our descriptions. Here is some information about how the Metalli guild works, I hope you will find that it is an arrangement that creates equitable wealth for all members.
Membership and structure

We of the Metalli have three founding members, Myself (Master Miner Borso), Master Mechanist Bakara, and Master Blacksmith Thorn. Our first guild charters were blacksmithing and engineering, acquiring Carpentry when the Forestry Guild leadership departed Stragosa. We have maintained these three charters to the present day.

Metalli members pay no dues at all, and enjoy access to an internal guild bank and supply-house called The Trapeza**, which contains raw materials such as soft iron and heavy leather, or components such as hilts and straps. This same guild bank is the primary source of ready goods at the markets of Stragosa. It is the duty of our the Officer of the Trapeza to determine these prices and quantities.

Apprentices likewise pay no dues or fees, and are offered instruction at no further cost. We feel that the opportunity to work together for everyone’s benefit is enticement enough.
Guildmaster, Officers, and Organization

Members may of course make their own sales if they like, so long as they do not undercut prices for those goods that the Metalli choose to publish. These published prices are typically for the most common sales: locks, chests, swords, lanterns and the like.

Members who wish to have the freedom at market to pursue other goals may choose to sell their goods into the Trapeza, our guild bank, for the full value of the good, as guild credit (called Metallions). For example, if swords sell for four silver, members are able to sell their swords to the Trapeza for four Metallions. Likewise, components buy and sell at the same rates: if a carpenter sells a hilt to the Trapeza for one Metallion, a blacksmith may buy it for one Metallion.

Members at the start of Forum also indicate whether they would like the Officer of the Trapeza to find work for them, or are working on their own. This knowledge allows the Officer of the Trapeza to accept Contracts at the market for large orders or masterwork equipment.

At the end of Market, the Officer of the Trapeza passes these contracts to the guild members whose skills can complete them. At any time, but especially at the end of market, those members who wish to purchase items from the Trapeza with their Metallions may do so. At least some silver is available as a result of market sales, and may be “purchased” with Metallions in this way.
Members: No Dues, No Duties.
No particular service or duty is required of the members, apart from allowing the Metalli name to be on whatever contracts are completed. I believe that it is the purpose of the guild to make you money, not take you money.

I have openings immediately for Officers of the Trapeza, the Market, and of Furnishings. If the right candidates were to arrive, I also am interested in Officers of Training, Parcel Improvements, and finally (if such a special person exists), and Officer of Dangerous Ventures.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to seeing you in Stragosa.

Guildmaster Borso, de Metalli

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