The Metalli of Stragosa

The Metalli of Stragosa were founded by three masters in the early days of the city, under Reichgraf Nemesis Dragomir.  These founders were Master Blacksmith Thorne Merkstave, Master Engineer Bakara Nefji, and Master Miner Borso.

Master Borso was named Guildmaster, and has held this title since the beginning.  The first Charters were Blacksmithing and Engineering, but the Metalli also bought the Carpentry charter when the woodworking guild of Stragosa closed. Members include these three professions, as well as miners, hunters, and foresters.

Officers tend to be fluid, organized around the passions and interests of the officer rather than a strict schedule.  Some recent Officers have been Market Officer Edme, who set prices and made sales markets, Education Officer Corvo, who found books and trainers for their members, and Gathering Officer Luca, who organized the guild’s gatherers.

Dues: At least some of the rumors of wealth must be true: Metalli members famously pay no dues, as declared in the Guild Song, recorded below. Borso himself shows signs of wealth and generosity, giving to the church at each Convocation.

Responsibilities:  The Metalli make few actual demands on their members, opting to entice them with profits instead of give orders.  Imperial Law is followed: no noble vassals are permitted to join, all work is of good quality, and prices are fixed and published. In this way, they are similar to many local “merchant guilds” in other cities, accepting all members in order to show a united front when negotiating with the city.

In addition, most members participate in what the guild calls “Ventures”, which are cooperative profit-seeking projects where several artisans work together.  A system of credits and shares ensures that those who put in money or commodities are repaid, and profit is shared.  These large Ventures set aside a share for the guild itself, which is how it finances its own operations and spares its members from official Dues.

The Metalli are reputed to be the wealthiest organization in the valley, even more than the city itself according to certain rumors. They will tell you that they achieved their wealth by this cooperation profit sharing spirit.

Jealousy abounds in the city at the group’s wealth, but it comes also with a grudging respect at the guild’s accomplishments. The organization has survived three Grafs, and the loss of the city’s bursary when it was sacked by Njords.

Some strife exists with the Nobility on the guild’s inclusion of gatherers such as Borso himself (a miner), as well as foresters and hunters. The nobles of Stragosa Valley have more land than people to work it. And while no charter exists for these skills, those who hold the land would surely prefer to order their vassals rather than negotiate with merchants.

Goals and Motivation:
The Metalli often say that they wish to “Build Stragosa Strong”, probably recognizing that if the valley is not secure and prosperous, then neither can be any guild within it.
The Metalli deal most frequently (but not exclusively) with the Hestrali nobles, working their lands and building their projects. It may be that a secret alliance exists, or just that those who are comfortable with coin tend to be first to agree to the Metalli’s terms.

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