Stone in the Pond

Fear is a part of us all – it does not have to rule us. We are all children in the dark, with a storm raging outside, yet when we understand that the storm is a normal part of the world, why should we fear it?

Arrivals are not always this dangerous, yet in the time of Hexxenacht, the shadows are strong in this land where the days grow dark far faster.

By the Lights of Lurian our arrival was heralded in blood and shadows, and by that Light we survived our arrival.


Here, it seems, the dead keep walking when they die, the ground does not keep them. Not without help.


She stood over a dead man, standing in front of creatures that unceremoniously dropped it in town. She knew they could have killed her those creatures, yet the one down behind her meant more in that moment. Others came and fought them out of town.

She did not fear dying, for she knew what would be waiting for her. She knew that her tasks, no, her purpose here was to aid these people and show that fear and death can be healed and changed through small actions of Faith and health.

A pebble in the pond, a butterfly effect.


She did not expect to make friends through leeching so many people.

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