St. Tirodore the Vanguard of Falaisia

Tirodore’s story started simple and mundane. left to the care of the church from a young age, he grew up in lay service first to the church, then the Templar. His unit had spent many seasons on and off the border with the Badlands of Korm, with battle a common thing. Even in the common the unexpected can happen when an ambush took out the Command tent, the entire unit was forced back.
In there retreat Tirodores army got routed into a likewise leaderless unit of the Order of the Dragon, who had recently had a Pyrrhic victory against an Orc war band. Both where in chaos as their paths crossed, with the Sha’ra forces marching endlessly towards them. Arrows rained down and men of the empire died, every one around Tirodore, one of those deaths was a standard bearer of the Order of the Dragon. As Tirodore watched the flag begin to fall, he saw a man holding up the solider and with that look he knew it to be Dumal. The Warrior-Saint beckoned to Tirodore and without hesitation the young man rushed forward to grab the banner before it could truly fall. The vision nodded and faded as swiftly as the flagbearers life did.

Banner in hand, Tirodore turned towards the charging army. Shouting out prayers, yelling out a rallying cry, Tirodore slowly gathered the men around him, who brought more attention still. He changed right towards the invaders and men followed. Tirodore did not waver as the brutal fight continued, the flag stood strong. For that fight, and every fight back to the border Tirodore carried the standard of the Dragon, leading his peers without any real command, but with the force of his own determination. Winter came, and the fighting grew even more brutal, but the combined force held until reinforcements could come from Lethia.

In the next battle a stray arrow struck Tirodore, who barely had enough time to hand the banner to someone before fell, dying on the field. After talk through the men at arms had spread back to Lethia the Templar order recognized his achievements, though it was not untilover a decade later, in 435, after more then a dozen units had reported a man holding their standard high even at the loss of a flagbearer that he was lionized.

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