“So, you’re the new tavern keeper?”

“I am.” the Cappacian offers with a nod. The Bard’s dark blue eyes, shaded by a well worn Cavalier’s hat, scan the bar room. Striding towards the solid cedar bar, he draws a leather gloved hand over its surface. “It’s gorgeous.”

“It is! And this area right over here can be converted into a stage. You can produce all kinds of shows, concerts, readings, you name it. A whole band can fit here, sir.”

“I was counting on it.” The tavern was already purchased, but Bastione appreciates the man’s enthusiasm.

“I imagine you were sir, I imagine you were! You’ll find all the furnishings to your liking. Three of the thirteen rooms are empty, just waiting to be decorated, as you like. But with supplies you could open tomorrow.”

“And I just may. It’s an interesting location. This South End. Feels right.”

“I know what you mean, sir. I do. Interesting is an understatement. Your clientele will be an eclectic lot, if you ask me. Archaeologists, guards, performers, not far from the Church District. Butcher shop just that way.”

“Harder to get fresher fare than that, no?”

“Yes sir, that’s right. You’ve found yourself a nice investment. Been walking by this place, hoping someone just like you wanted to do something with it. The convertible stage is a real treasure. A fitting addition, considering performing has done so well for you.”

“Performing, and hunting. Honestly, without both avenues I’d likely still be struggling to survive out there.”

“And you’re the Valley Historian. I imagine that’s a real help.”

“It is. I don’t have to worry about food, or housing for my wards. Of course, I could always move them in here.”

“You could, but now you won’t need to. Frees up rooms for rent.”

“I like how you think, monsieur.”

“Would you like a tour of the rest of the tavern, sir?”

“No, I think I’ll just explore.”

“Alright. Did you have any questions?”

“Just one.”

“Ask away.”

“What am I going to name this place…”

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