Skalds & Jorg

We listen to the skald’s tales of Jorg – it speaks to my core, and I can hear her whisper in response to the stories, the legends. Her growls fill the air so loudly that I can barely make out the skald’s words anymore, but the others do not hear. They cannot.

And then Teitr and I are escorting the storyteller out of town to the safety of the forest. Teitr asks where we can learn more, and they suggest a Wise One. The Cold Hands howl to her, so they are the best option. The other people here won’t like that, but we are supposed to be learning and discovering and solving the mysteries of this place. How do they expect to do so without speaking with those who truly know?

A haggard group returns from the forest as we speak warning of Rimelanders and an air mage. What is an air mage? Are they nicer than fire mages? Oh, but they are howling again, and I howl in return.

As we cross the bridge back into town, the clan is chanting in the forest and battle-hungry fighters come to the field to prepare. The clan encroaches, pulling along our skald – Saga, was it? The two groups face off across each other, shouting slurs. The clansmen howl, and I have to howl in return – the lion-folk glare, but I don’t care. The clan remarks that I must be the one who is confusing them with the howling, remarking that they’ll spare me when they kill everyone. We’ll see about that.

Only Ragnar steps up to challenge them in earnest – shame he is attached to his hair. I can’t contain my grin as the challenge is accepted. More howls and cheers, and we cheer. The lions are mad again, but don’t they understand how challenges are in the north? Solidarity doesn’t mean disloyalty. And I am loyal to my lords.

I move closer to the duel; Teitr follows… and then I remember! We have to ask them about what the skald said. So I move closer, waving at the clan and waving off the concerns of the lion people. They really do look mad… Oh well. Lord Sven even says it is fine, so they should get it too. I ask what needs asking and the duel continues, but the groups are getting rowdy… My mind is already somewhere else.

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