Scars and Memories

Hugo woke and was immediately sore, his leg though mended felt warm and stiff and he wasn’t looking forward to putting weight on it, his back that took the majority of the blast from the rat wizard was also a bother, luckily it seems his spine had been spared and we was going to half to take it easy swinging his logging axe and saw for the next few weeks. He looked down and traced lines of scars that he had gained on his recovering thigh and calf, remembering the thorns from the thicket as they shredded his leg cutting so deep that he felt the wicked thorns scraping his bones causing a vibration that he could feel all the way up to the back of his neck, and then a hollow feeling in his mind, like the mists
A memory bubbled to the surface a proud and loud man in a red jacket and rifle in hand calling to Hugo, bidding him on to the next adventure, he remembered about to turn to obey the man outside his circle and then nothing, the memory was gone. It was probably nothing.
He remembered his rage at the thorns and the bush people the leg felt like it was on fire smelling the blood was was flowing. His terror at the nightmare thing and weeping in Lunettes hair.
Slipping on his pants around his leg another bubble, him walking to the woods to take part in a game or a fight, something about brackets and trolls, he might have won it, It was probably nothing
Walking to the door he left his little hut and started making his way through town, perhaps he’d stop by the tavern and see if they had of that wonderful pie left, limping along he overhead two people talking about shadows in the woods and if they should tell the town guard about it. Town guard? The only guards we have are up in the castle who come down to harass and beat up people. A final bubble, sitting around in a circle talking about….. something to do with the town, the man with the red jacket, Gerard and Alex and a few people he couldn’t remember. the bubble popped and it slipped from his mind, like losing a friend who went around a bend in the woods.
It was probably nothing.

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