Rolf Character Writing 6/23/2022

Rolf sat down to rest next to the creek, staying alert for any noise in the nearby brush. He didn’t have any extra gear to lay out as he didn’t carry excess. Just like every night, tonight there was no fire. He couldn’t risk being spotted by a large force of Rimelanders. In his head he replayed the terrain he had already crossed. Being used to this land had it’s advantages and he knew where he was going without a map.
Being far from “home” didn’t bother him. It’s not like he really had any one place he considered a home. The forest was close enough, for it lacked the complications that arose from people. He was making the attempt to be near people more often and was finding it to his liking, but being alone again was good for him.
The sun had set recently but Rolf figured he could press on for a few hours after dark so he stood back up and set off again.

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