Petaller’s Post

Petaller’s Post:

Herbs to Canvas, Quills to Capes. If it is legal to sell it; we have it. If it’s not legal we probably know someone who can get it. Murlte’s got her hand in just about every pie!! Blast!! We don’t sell pie!! Anyway, come on down to the Petallers Post and see what we have.

PS: Pies coming soons.

While many would think that Rosenberg is too good for peddlers, petallers on the other hand are a different story. Murtle is the owner operator of the Petaller’s Post and she knows EVERYONE. Many know her to be fair, honest, and not to suffer fools. She is always on the look for exotic trinkets, new and stylish fashion, as well as ancient and mysterious tomes. Whereas other places use their shop windows as a gateway to the shop Murtle’s appears to be an escape route for its contents. Murtle hasn’t even seen the window in 2 years. Murtle’s store is an amalgamation of every odd shop and antique store ever made. If it exists and you want to buy it, chances are you can find it at Murtles; that is if the store hasn’t swallowed it yet. Also, Murtle’s great great grandmother Ophelia Witchbane is also the progenitor of the Night Market in Rosenberg.

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