Pascal Game 10 – The Blame of Loss or Murder

Spring 609 –

The mists weaken around us day by day, and I fear not only for what our present holds – but our future as well. As hypothetical – say we do manage to succeed in our conflict against Chriopholer? What then? The mists will still recede, and the old conflicts of the lion folk will rear their heads again in our peaceful valley. There will come a time where we of Vecatra will need to once again fade into obscurity lest we be subjugated to the judgements of the outside world. I fear what will become of our friends amongst the town who do not share our views – will they be persecuted for suffering us to live? Or will they be given clemency?

There is a certain amount of wonder in my mind for places beyond the mists – I recall stories my father would tell, passed down from generation to generation – of the sea, of the mountains, of the wonders of the world outside our little valley and our way of life. This last market a group of traders and wanderers found their way through the mists to Luisant – a strange bunch, who followed the ways of Vecatra while still living amongst the lions. From them I obtained two things – the first was knowledge – that it was possible to live our lives outside the mists, that we can make ends meet – I’m no trader, but I believe a wandering tinker would prove useful to the outside world, and would be a good way to have a degree of anonymity. The second was a map – it depicted rivers, pathways, and cities, all outside our world – of the much larger world – of the world my father would tell me stories of when I was young.

I’m still not quite sure what our plan for dealing with Chriopholer is – we keep delving deeper and deeper into the caverns, performing tasks that feel like we’re helping it rather than hurting, and while it confuses me, people much more competent and/or confidant than I say it is the right thing. I’m not sure what the town guard can do to it – there are many beasts and monsters living within, which they can surely help with, but I feel that their swords and pikes would be but toothpicks to it. My uncle and I currently labor towards larger weapons – devices that can launch wood and steel with great force – enough to topple stone, yet I fear that still is not enough. I know that Auriane is working to create bombs, that could be more promising, as could whatever ancient lion device that cousin Isabel is working towards. I still worry that our efforts may be in vain, but really – what else can we do other than fight it in our own way?

Aspen came to me near the end of the last market – they would like to see me become a mother, provided I can aid in the destruction/ dissolution/ whatever descriptor is applicable to the demise of the ancestor entity known as “Truth”. I have not met them, but I have heard the tales, and how they stand as anathema to Aspen’s will. I know not how an encounter with them will end, how it will change me and the people of the Veneaux family, but I do believe that the only way to fight them is with a greater Truth that can persuade them to end their cycle of using the truths of the world to harm others. I may create a weapon that can end Chiropholer, I may find a way for my people to live safely in the outside world – but if I can’t lead that weapon to and in battle, and if I can’t lead my people to safety, then what good is it having these devices and ideas? While things are moving faster than I could have possibly have imagined, in a vector unseen to me, I think the only way forward is to have the strength and wisdom of the standing folk, guiding my arrows, my voice, my people – Me.

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