Order of the Stars

Order of the Stars

Patron Angel: Cyaniel
Patron Saint: St. William the Penitent

“Fear of the Unknown drives Man to sin far more frequently than the fear Man encounters face to face.”

The Order of the Stars is a mendicant order dedicated to bringing knowledge of Fate to the world. The friars of the Order travel all over Rogalia and beyond, dispensing the wisdom of the Cards to people of all life’s stations. The Cards are illustrated scenes from the Testimonium with symbols that make them compatible with Cyanihim rituals.

“We do not ‘tell the future.’ We reveal the foe.”

The Order will not tell you that something is going to come to pass. Rather a friar will tell you what is holding you back. A reading of the Cards is necessary before any atonement is assigned and confession is an important part of every reading.

“Until you can surpass the mystery of the pagan, you will never replace him.”

The Order of the Stars has a secret mission – to supplant the utility of pagan and magely ritual with the miracles of the Church. Wherever there are people who find it difficult to give up ancient ways, the Order of the Stars will be there to replace old ritual with new. Who will need to consult with the Green Father when this star chart will tell you the best time to plant?

“If everyone can have a taste of magic, how important can mages be?”

The Order of the Stars is in opposition to the Mage Guilds, seeking to reduce their influence whenever possible. To that end, the Order provides refuge and occupation for failed apprentices, gathering esoteric knowledge and experience bit by bit over time. The Order is careful to never directly threaten the Guilds, knowing that Time and Fate are on their side.

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