Notes from Monster Hunter Meeting

Monster Hunter Meeting
Winter 405
Father Ansel presiding


Reasons for Meeting
-gathering knowledge on monsters
-storing knowledge
-teaching knowledge
-using knowledge
-not everybody will do all of these

-Family was monster hunters in the past and is supposed to have a hidden library full of knowledge and weapons that could be found
-Would require a distant trip by those willing to try and retereive them

Rogalian Family
-There is a Rogalian family that is dedicated to using mechanisms for fighting monsters

-Those with contacts in the Shariqyn Empire or with the Carvansarai should check to see if they can bring in books with lore on monsters to Stragosa

Aid with gathering lore
-seeking people willing to draw monsters
-seeking people to aid in direction and study of corpses

Monster Types

-Cursed by Vecatran
-can only be kept down with silver
-using a silver coin inserted into a wound on a downed werewolf will keep it from raising
-curse can be cured

-there are true vampires and vampire spawn
-true vampires cannot be killed


Specific Monsters

-tall as a house
-screams, rarely talks
-left over from the time of the witch kings
-Shariqyn origin, or at least referenced in Shariqyn legends
*Malific of a witch called R_____ N_____ (name should not be spoken lightly)
*Stragosa is her death place
*killed the Lazarine that was controlling her in Stragosa

-Night Malific
-has horns like a ram
-Woman that was caught in the Church district who ran butcher shop but in time of starvation fed her children human flesh, but was thrown on a fire by her neighbors who also survived and killed when district was freed
-wants food, but do not give it to her
-named Selena
-will threaten but if not threatened back or run from, she will not attack
-if you threaten or run, she will see you as a threat or prey to attack
-if downed in combat, she will disappear and reappear later
-talk to her as if she was human

Bear Spirit
-has sword
*Can be lulled to pacivity with lullabies
*once passive, food can be thrown down and it will deal with food while you can flee
*it has been pacified and is no longer a threat

-girls giving flowers in the day
-will come at night and want to play, but games will be dangerous, possibly include stabbing you
-if downed, they will turn to ash and reform later

Meri Lyw
-not heritical to deal with
-Tall ghostly figure with horse skull for a head
-appears in winter
-will laugh and sing
-sing or rhyme to it
-if you win, it will bless you
-if you offend it, it will enter your abode and drink all your liquor and eat all your food

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