My Own Blue Eyes

—-My Own Blue Eyes—-

And you
my own blue eyes
I know you can hear me
You can always hear me
Every thought
Every fear
Belonged to you
You never saw me
Only a mirror
Of everything you wish you could be

Is that why you
always hated me?
Almost as much
As you hated yourself?

I will never forgive you
Not after everything
You did
Everything you
Never did
And now
You walk a sunlit path
For the first time in a dozen years
You Wear your own face

While you look upon my death hole
I watch your lips and
I cannot not feel the tender words
Dance across my skin
But I taste your tears stain
my grave
Like You
They are
And vile

Poor you
Poor fucking you
You pitious wretch
So selfish
For yourself
You could never see how I was

The festering sun
Threatens to tear me from this world
A final time
And all you can see
Is what
Have lost

But I
see you now
Like you have never seen me

I am
watching you
protecting you
Saving you
By your side
In your every thought
And every fear
You have shown me your love
My Own Blue Eyes
And I will show you mine

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