Lion’s Oasis College Opening

Citizens of Stragosa! The Frateris Sanguine and Scriveners of Stragosa are proud and honored to announce:

The Lion’s Oasis College is now open and ready to accept students! The excellent facilities and the skills of our staff ensure the swiftest and surest path to understanding.

The College Headmaster is Master Azzam al-Mustanir of the Scriveners. The College shall immediately begin offering these categories of classes:

These classes shall have no charge, and are offered for the general good of the city. Limits on seating and qualification still apply.

Specific works shall be selected and announced for each Season. There shall be a price per student; at this time, it shall be set to ten silver coins as a base rate.

In each paid public class, one seat shall be reserved for students entering through the Gothic Model. There will be no charge for this seat. Speak with the Gothic Model organizers to apply for these seats.

For those who have their own Books and Tomes; who wish to study them in our advanced facilities, or wish to share them with friends and allies of their own selection; we offer rental of the classrooms for private use. Inquire with Master Azzam for rates.


In all cases, classroom seating is subject to availability. Classes can accommodate up to five students at a time.

Applicants may be screened for suitability and literacy. Note that many scholarly works are written in Aldersabin, or other languages besides Gothic. Posted class notices will include a comment on the language in question, when it is other than Gothic. Students should ignore voices and/or lights coming from certain stones in the walls; this is a harmless side-effect of magics employed in the construction process.


For this season, we have the following public classes immediately available:

The Language of Aldersabin

Core Principles of Intellectual Rigor
Core Principles of Inner Resolve
Research and Development: Curriculum for Adept Academia

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