Letters to Home: Arrival

Care bella madre,

We have arrived at last to Stragosa, perdonami that I have not written much during the trip. Please to let padre know Veronica has been placed safely and is pursuing her studies at a good pace. I also have met with our various venture contacts, and will be pursuing them forthwith, so he does need to be worry.

Stargosa is not as terribile as we had expected. The morale e traditions of the area are rigorosa but manageable. Even the church services, though lacking in proper fire, juggling, and artistry, are proving surprisingly enjoyable. I know, sì, please do not tell papà I have said this. As expected, many here still seem more prudente than is healthy. Others are allowed to speak though, within reason of course. Also, the priests have not been nearly as burn-at-stake crazede as we had feared. On my first night I may have done something… impulsive? What it is, it is non molto importante, do not worry. What is importante is that they absolutely have not burned me. In fairness, they Did try to sacrifice another because they were afraid her magic was a threat to her immortal soul, so… not completely diverso than we expected.

Ze locales are for the most part a very friendly sort so far. I have finally gotten to hear The Bandit Kings in person, performing ‘Vendetta’. You remember this, sì? It was the one we thought was about your sister’s cousin? I must attest that original prestazione is much better than the copy-cats. A fantastic Njordr storyteller comes through here also – we should invite someone like him to Le Sorelle. Very engaging stories, our clienti would be very entertained!

There is much more I wish to say, but I can already see your eyes with the tiredness, and I am certo that you most want to know about il pericolo e my studies. There is nothing to worry about. I have heard stories of terribile creatures and some have encountered them here. This, it is true. My only encounter however has been un poltergeist that fed me some prelibatezze – I was greatly entertained! A ghoul also attempted to break into the taverna as I was drinking, but it was dead before it made it could do any harm. It was ‘more’ dead? Other monstri came by later (it was some provincial holiday called the ‘Night Lord’s Feast’ – something about monstri e spirit) but I was attending to Veronica and missed it all. I understand it was all very exciting. I have some directions for my studies and la baronessa has agreed to steer them, so that is also progressing well. There is nothing for you to worry about.

I will cut things short as I know that you do not like me to go on and on. Please let me know how things are playing out there, and when they quiet down enough that we may return home. Things were certainly blown far out of proporzione, as you well know. Give our love to papà and to zia Mariana, they are in our hearts.

Ti voglio bene,
Maurizio (e Veronica – her letter is attached)

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