Join the Metalli

Join the Metalli

Come and be part of making new tools for blasting malefic, equipping wildlands explorers and dungeon delvers, or build the first-ever ships of Stragosa!

The Metalli of Stragosa invites any free person not bound by oath as a vassal to come to Stragosa and join our guild. Blacksmiths, Carpenters, and Engineers will find their work protected by our charter. Free persons wishing to work the land as miners, foresters, or hunters will also find work and instruction. The most adventurous will find the most reward — and glory!

Applicants will be provided the use of appropriate Tools, and payments on any traveling expenses will be made for the duration of your membership in the guild.

Apprentices and those with no skill will discover excellent instruction, while Masters and Journeymen will find that there is much profitable work to be done.

Guildmaster Borso

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