Java’s Journal #1

‘They could understand.’

Java watches The Tempest as he recoils. She hurriedly continues, “I mean, like with my backpack. I wished disease on it and they may bring that back with them and risk others getting ill.” His posture eases with some understanding but the thumping in her chest does not.

‘Am I mistaken?’

“Move!” Java stumbles forward out of the holding ‘room’, her bound hands shooting up to shield her eyes from the blinding radiance of the distant winter sun. How long has it been this time?

“I said MOVE!”, from behind her she could feel the pain of the fallen victim. The harshness of the cold ground was intolerable to their naked feet but they had to bear it. The consequences of punishment is why no one dared to look back at the fallen brethren. It wouldn’t change the outcome here and knowing why they are howling with such joy is sickening.

Unfortunately it was distractions like this she needed to keep herself alive. With a calm deep inhale she steeled herself, during her drawn out exhale a wave of ecstasy washed over herself as she casted. ‘Ease.’ The frigid bite of the cold now felt more bearable.

‘This isn’t right.’

“MEN!” Java gathered with the others and kept her head down as the one leading this pact went into his monologue about the upcoming assault they are planning. A speech that created unsettling cheers and stomping from the clan throughout its entirety.

It was around the time her comfort and ability to stand the cold began to diminish when things were coming to a close, “Now onto you lot, what to do hmm?”.
No amount of cold could compare to the shivers of death. Especially in the hands of these monsters.

‘I made the right choice’

The late night air barely nips at Java as she breathes in the smell of Summer. The town of Runeheim is still, yet she still fidgets with the wrapping on her arm, “We all have our own demons.”

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