Identities and Revelations

It seems I did not have to wait long into my stay in Njordr to see a vampire. The spawn was everywhere Friday night, and finally Saturday night, a true vampire was revealed. The man they call “Sigi” communicated his intent to handle the situation to me and I agreed, not knowing he meant that he was going to strike her in the head with a lump of silver. I have to hand it to him for his bravery, though it is becoming clear my services as an educator are greatly needed here. The vampire proved to be oddly amicable and did not attempt to fight back as the Eparch took her into custody nor when I confronted her. This development is fascinating, and I will need to pursue it further. She claims to want to liberate these lands from the grips of their old gods, and this may be true. Speaking with her further may prove fruitful in diagnosing what mortality and soul remains within the creatures after they are turned.

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