Evren Saqim Azzam ibn Rahat ibn Mukhtar ibn Zahi al-Mustanir (Renowned)

The scholar named Azzam hails from Karayin, in the Kimshir region of Sha’ra. Though young of age, he has established a reputation for breadth and depth of knowledge. His written works are prolific, and have already begun to be copied and distributed to great distances; even our own University has come to possess some of them. I have heard that in his home city, he was called upon to advise many wealthy and powerful figures, and is a sought-after educator in the Shariqyn learning halls called ‘madrasas’.

Word has reached us that Azzam has begun a project titled Fundaments – a comprehensive series of instructional books encompassing a broad swath of Exoterics. We look forward to one day adding them to our collection.

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