Downtime Journal #1

After the last forum ended, I found myself in a unique position to connect with many different people and organizations. But the first thing I did was talk through my suspicions with Saoirse. That’s when I realized that perhaps what I had witnessed regarding Marius the Masseuse was a malefica poisoning. If the Shariqyn’s are developing such a tool, they would need to be stopped. I took my concerns first to Father Renatus, then to the Mother Superior. They told me that it was more likely a drug or a poison of some kind, and not the malefica I was concerned it might be. Unfortunately, Mother Superior asked about my fiance, and asked why I hadn’t been baptized yet. Although I deflected the questions as best as I could, I’m sure she’ll have her eyes on me in the future. But my fears of malefic were allayed somewhat, though I was disappointed that nothing came of it, so I stepped back and got to work with my other projects.

Lady Gale had asked if I could be of assistance with the newsletter and I thought it might be a chance to become better connected with the woman whose cousin I worked for in the past. I was given the assignment to seek out each of the newcomers to Stragosa and learn what I could about them for the newsletter. I also managed to summarize the events of the forum for her. I found Saoirse again and asked her to decide how much of her background to share. When we had that figured out, I found Daciana and asked her as well. Hekte, unfortunately, was harder to find. Though I managed to write several letters back and forth between us. Khala and Father Gideon were definitely more complicated. I couldn’t speak to Khala, but I had overheard that she was fleeing an arranged marriage in Sha’ra. I figured they didn’t need to ultimately know that, so I wrote instead that she was seeking personal freedom, which is just as true, if less accurate. Father Gideon was hard to catch. I eventually managed to do so, but it was a long time coming.

After I had completed my task, I sent a letter to Leandro Nicostratus, a friend of mine from home. Of any of my friends, he would know Marius the Masseuse. I wish I had some contacts within the Mage Circles, that would’ve been useful in this circumstance. I hope he can uncover what Alonzo is looking for. Speaking of Alonzo, I heard that he was going to try and get involved with the new monster school that Korvath is trying to start. I asked a bit into his motivations and found out that he might have malefic parts to sell. Saoirse might be interested, so I let slip that I knew an apothecary that could probably use the business, though I didn’t give him any names. Besides that, I thought it might be of interest of him to keep extra copies of the malefic lore books. The Magi and the Shariqyn’s may be interested in getting their hands on copies. And although I hope I can help the Magi, possibly earn their trust, I am concerned about what might happen if the Shariqyn’s do.

Conversation with Alonzo finished, at least for the moment, I turned my thoughts back to making connections here. I reached out to Alegra and, after trading a bit of information to earn her trust, arranged something with her regarding Vieve and herself. Luckily, Saoirse’s got my back already. Alegra promised to get me the rumors I was looking for in exchange for mutual sharing. I promised to share relevant rumors with them and I intend to secure some protection for the tavern as well.

A very productive time for me.

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