Dextera Inflamatio: A View From Within

Praedium Archive
Intercepted communication of internal Fire Guild business.

The Burning Hand is a symbol of power. A tower erected in a city is a symbol to all who see it, whether they comprehend it or not. Dextera Inflamatio rules here, regardless of local government or law. Our purpose, and our highest ideal, is mastery; a perfect control over perfect power. As a novice in the Guild, you will learn the principles of power, what they mean, and how to master them. Membership in the Guild means you are different than the huddled masses in the cold of the iron city below. You are more than they are, because you have learned unleash the power of the soul. The soul is a fire that blazes within each person. Those you meet out there, eeking out a life that means nothing, are but the smallest of candleflames, softly glowing embers in the burnt out shell of their body. Having been given the Initiation of Fire, you are more than that. Your soul has been relit by your own will, and burns with a health and vigor that they cannot match. The Path of Mastery will teach you to stoke that flame into an inferno, a leashed storm, spinning and crashing and blazing against the very borders of reality, confined only by your discipline. You will take that violence, that potence, that vigor, and you will squeeze it down to the point of a pin, retaining the might of an inferno in the size of a hand. And with that hand, you can do anything.

The Guild will come to control everything by extension of this philosophy. Just as the hand holds a power as vast as a hall, the tower holds a power as vast as a city. The lords of many lands already have become dependant on our power for military victory. To deny us what we wish is to accept military defeat, and thus, destruction of their country and people. Beyond that, our wealth covers the trade ports. If we were to withhold our aid there, trade ships would have no place to sell or purchase their goods. In short, we hold partial military and economic control over the Throne.

Once you advance to the Second Circle, we will show you what your role will be in all this. If you hope to advance farther than that, you had better succeed.

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