Dear Mutter und Vater

I hope all is well at home. I am sorry it has taken me so long to write, but such is the nature of living and serving the Church in Stragosa. I don’t know if news has reached you, but I have been promoted to Mother Superior. I never imagined it would happen so fast, but with all I have to do here as the only healing Lurehim here I am constantly in need.

I know there is the Paladin Brother Aretaeus who follows the Lurehim covenant of non-violence, but he is more devoted to his holy calling as a Paladin. This is understandable and I do not fault him for it, but there are many times I feel overwhelmed having to shoulder the healing for those of Faith. He is also not able to read or write so I am unable to have him help in at least inscribing bandages. I have at least been able to create a central area at the Tavern during forum since my ability to get around is not as good as others. As you say Vater, don’t while about it, find a solution.

I am doing God’s work, doing my best to keep people from having to go to a Mage or apothecary, but at least a few times at the last forum I attempted to perform the ritual for removal of disease and it did not succeed. I know it is difficult at this time and the odds were against me but I still felt like I was failing them, that my faith and passion in appealing to the Archangel and God just wasn’t strong enough. I don’t want to think that its them who truly do not believe. There is at least hope on the horizon. Several of the Priests here are working on the sanctifications for the city, including myself. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but this will only strengthen the Diocese. I was or course raised to never not work hard.

I’ve also been assigned a Church in the Library district as the behest of House Trackt and there will be some expansion to house some of the Sanguine here. Sir Lysander of the While Lions is also here who is from our town and he has been providing me great advice, counsel and providing hope when I am trying these advanced rituals. I just feel like I get so close, then I am at a loss at to what goes wrong.

Every night I pray for strength so shoulder this burden. I remind myself that this is my calling and I never expected it to be easy. Doing this back at home would be a challenge, but I guess I had thought there would at least be one other Lurehim here. There was but they have all moved on from Stragosa, leaving me to stand alone. I won’t give up on my Holy Mission, never worry about that. What I worry about is what would happen if something should happen to me?

I hope both of you are healthy and happy. Please do let me know how things are at home. I know it may take some time to get to me, but I don’t want to lose touch.

Love and blessings of God,
deine liebende Tochter,

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