Citizenship in Stragosa

The Citizenship system for Stragosa rolled out just before Forum and I hope to here address several questions I have heard most often:

Why should I be a Citizen?
Citizenship guarantees you with food and good quality housing such as a Townhouse, and also involves in the community of Stragosa. We are attempting to take the burden off of the individual for those things which are needed to survive so everyone has time to work on their own goals and prosper together. Being involved in the system makes you a part of the team.

Will this cut into my business?
I should hope not. The Magistrates operate the Housing in Stragosa and have all agreed to work together toward this vision. If your business is food, Stragosa is happy to buy it from you to keep our supplies high. Beyond that, feel free to seek your fortune and success in all the ways you normally do.

I’ve heard there’s an Oath. I’m worried about the wording.
The Oath you’ve heard of is to obey the Reichsgrafin of Stragosa. Throne law dictates that you will already do this for any noble whose land you are in. The intent here was to formalize your membership in the community that is Stragosa. This Oath does not increase or decrease that responsibility. That said, anyone who thinks they must forgo this Oath should speak to the Eparch, Father Superior Velius, who has the authority to make exceptions if he deems you to be acting in good faith. We want everyone to be part of the community so don’t hesitate to contact us with your concerns.

What happens if my own House, Order or Organization that I am already sworn to tells me to do something against the Reichsgrafin’s laws?
That would be very awkward. But not more awkward than your House, Order, Organization asking you to commit any crime. We trust that you will do what your heart says is good. And remember, it is always best to be honest. If you approach the Reichsgrafin and tell her about the conflict, for the good of the Throne she will work with you.

I can cover my own food and housing. Why should I care about this?
Because we care about you and we want you to be a part of what we’re building. Stragosa is going to become mighty, wealthy and safe and we want you to be a part of that and reap the rewards. Also, one silver for food and good quality housing is a pretty good deal.

My time between forums is precious and I can’t give it up.
No one is asking you to. That option is for those who have very busy forums and don’t want to engage in another way, but you are more than welcome to:
-pay coin toward the good of Stragosa
-donate a mere hour of your time to help us with things like chasing the thieves away from the cabins during Convocation or making patrols at dusk to find and warn others of the Malefic
-helping the rulership (and hearing what they talk about during meetings) and taking notes
-keeping an eye out for sin so you can help others seek atonement.
There are many ways to contribute and you shouldn’t let one being distasteful dissuade you.

If you have other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to talk to us.

With respect and hope for a bright future
-Sir Emeric Sanguine, Knight Protector of the White Lions

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