Citizenship and Staffing

The Citizenship system adapts and improves, as do we all.

Beginning today, all those staffing a building or room that directly fulfills a city need will receive the benefits of Citizenship for the duration of their duties there, rather than just their training period.

The city is also looking for more such individuals for the following locations with the following requirements:

Delicatessen: basics of cooking (performance) and farming
Cheesemonger: basics of cooking and farming
Meadery: basics of farming and slightly more experience in cooking
Dairy: basics of farming
Apiary: basics of farming

Anyone performing these tasks will be keeping hundreds of people fed and will be honored accordingly.

On behalf of Grafin Hezke Heidrich and the ruling council of Stragosa,
Sir Emeric Sanguine, Knight Protector of the White Lions

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