By Raven: Aretaeus to White Lions of Lethia Spring 604

White Lions of LethiaF
We are in need of aid. Stragosa and several Noble families have pledged support for a crusade against the entrenched Kuarlites in our area. Estimated at over 1000, and with a fortification as well as a so called ‘holy site’. As well there are forces of Lazerines, Orcs and Rimelanders. I need troops levied by the White Lions to join my banner in this. I wish to call upon our resources, Boywer Hadrianus (From oath of Overwatch), Stablemaster Iacomus (From oath of Cavalier), Forgemaster Sethlan, to aid me in this, Benalus’ service. Stragosa is giving what supplies it can but additional are needed.

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