Victory in Defeat

Sinclair sits down at his desk. He sets down a sheet of paper and starts to write. Then he stops.
“I don’t have anything useful to report.” He thinks to himself as he suddenly drops the pen. He moves his injured wrist again, wishing he could grab it with his other hand. He can feel those same feelings rise up again. Anger. Embarrassment. Shame. He silently curses himself for showing those feelings after he nearly died. “You have a job to do. Stop trying to be a hero.” He tries to tell himself again.
Sinclair looks back down at the paper. He struggles to find an answer. Should he just go back home as a failure again? Is it really failure if it saved the lives of those under him? He still isn’t sure if he can continue to support his troops with the limited amount of coin to be found in Runeheim.
He looks to his weapon, leaning against the door. It was hard for him to not care about the people of Runeheim. But he was in more danger than anyone really knew during all the fighting during forum.
Sinclair lets out a sigh and dismisses the thoughts, putting on a casual smirk. He places his hat on his head and walks out to man the walls of Runeheim with his soldiers.

Captain Sinclair official report #2

My Lady, Adeline Challant.
The troops who bravely followed me into this cold north quickly set up in the city and reinforced it. The Rimelanders didn’t even dare attack the city under the protection of the lord marshal’s troops combined with my own.
I regret to inform you of the state of the war here. I’m sure you are aware that Njordr is a brutal land, and the people no less so. The Cold Hands clan that we fought throughout Forum engaged in less than savory tactics all weekend, opting to backstab and run at every turn. Friday night I was forced to engage in their form of fighting. In the confusion I struck an ally. In my despair I fell into sin and found Friar Ignatius to help me atone.
Later in the Forum I was forced to make the decision between attacking an enemy who was running from me and letting them harm someone else. I did my best to only fight my opponents face to face, but the dishonor of my enemies became my own. It is with great shame that I write these words to you now. I was shaken from how quickly I felt the savagery of these lands steep into myself, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to overcome the challenge that Njordr represents. But I understand the price of war and I am willing to pay it, for your honor. I remain in control of myself and in pursuit of righteous victory.

With respect,
Captain Sinclair

Captain Sinclair official report #1

My Lady, Adeline Challant.
I write to you to report my progress into Njordir with my companions. The journey has been filled with bitter cold and harsh views. The land here is much like the people who live here; somehow both boring and dangerous.
Both myself and the soldiers who follow me into this new land are eager to prove ourselves for your honor, and the excitement builds as we near the city of Runeheim. I will give the Grafin Vindicta Dragomir your regards as soon as we arrive. Forum is in just a few short weeks and your subjects will be ready to defend the empire sooner than that. I will send another report after the forum, once I’ve had time to integrate with the community of Runeheim and see truly what I am dealing with. Until then, my liege.

With respect,
Captain Sinclair

Rolf Character Writing 6/23/2022

Rolf sat down to rest next to the creek, staying alert for any noise in the nearby brush. He didn’t have any extra gear to lay out as he didn’t carry excess. Just like every night, tonight there was no fire. He couldn’t risk being spotted by a large force of Rimelanders. In his head he replayed the terrain he had already crossed. Being used to this land had it’s advantages and he knew where he was going without a map.
Being far from “home” didn’t bother him. It’s not like he really had any one place he considered a home. The forest was close enough, for it lacked the complications that arose from people. He was making the attempt to be near people more often and was finding it to his liking, but being alone again was good for him.
The sun had set recently but Rolf figured he could press on for a few hours after dark so he stood back up and set off again.