All those little details

Alexandra watched her mother bustle about, instructing various servants in what tasks must be completed before the April forum and Alexandra’s wedding to Herulf von Corvinus. After all these years spent learning at her mother’s side, she was still in awe of just how confident her mother could be. She knew she would do well to emulate that confidence, even if, at the moment, Alexandra was as uncertain as she had been in a long time.

It wasn’t as though she was unhappy with the marriage match that had been made-far from it, in fact. She had long since accepted that a love match like her parents’ was almost certainly out of the question, and had prepared herself for quite some time that her future husband may well be a stranger on their wedding day. That the match had been made to someone that she actually knew and conversed with, a man that had escorted her on the road between Stromberg and Stragosa, that was a pleasant surprise. It was a happy bonus that she had, thus far and within the boundaries of the sort of arms-length interactions that were appropriate for unmarried people of their standing, found his company pleasant enough, even if, at times, she worried that she came off as far too frivolous for an experienced Gothic military commander. The idea that her soul and his would soon be as one hadn’t fully set in-she knew it was true, and the time was drawing near, but the concept that Lord von Corvinus would soon be her husband, that at some point she ought to become comfortable with using his given name in conversation hadn’t quite solidified in her mind. She supposed she ought to come to terms with the idea before she embarrassed herself by acting like a timid, silly child.

No, it was the prospect of the change in her role in life, no longer an inexperienced maiden, still learning the ropes of rulership in this strange and wild place, but truly an adult, a wife, and, God willing, before long a mother. She suspected, based on comments from both her mother and her betrothed, that her time in Stragosa was likely going to be coming to an end sooner rather than later-but wasn’t entirely sure what her new role would be, what exactly she would be doing or even where she would be doing it, other than continuing to prepare to one day inherit her father’s countship and working to continue to raise her house’s reputation in the Throne.

But before that, the wedding. The wedding itself was hardly a minor detail. “Never forget, the feast is as much a battlefield as any other.” The words her father had written to her over a year ago now weighed heavily on Alexandra’s mind as she began to consider the details of her upcoming wedding. So many people were all too dismissive of the idea of the power of events and the symbols that made up most of them, but the lessons she had been learning for her entire life told her an entirely different story. This wedding, for example. Every little detail would mean something, whether or not it was intentional. It was unavoidable in the world of noble politics. Alexandra knew, on the one hand, that it would be wise to plan for her Stragosa wedding to be on the austere side-to do anything else would be callous in the face of all who had suffered so greatly in the time since the necromancer made its play for Stragosa and the dead began terrorizing the people. She accepted this, and couldn’t even bring herself to feel saddened at the idea, knowing that her house was planning a grand formal wedding for later in the year in North Pass to celebrate the new alliance. But she also knew just as keenly that to fail to honor the marriage and the alliance it signaled in a way that wasn’t worthy of the standing of both houses would be to undermine it. Perhaps, then, the wise course would be to find some way to make the occasion one that may also bring joy to others, some sort of representation of the joy of two people uniting in the eyes of God. A solemn celebration of duty to God and Empire.
Even the details of her dress would matter, she thought. No, not just the dress on the day of her wedding, whether the small celebration in Stragosa or the grand one in North Pass. How she chose to dress, to wear her hair, to carry herself could signal so much from this day forward. She must show the maturity and strength she had gained in her time in Stragosa, for any show of weakness would be a tool to be used against her and her house. But she had also worked so hard to find a way to relate to the common people that she had found herself surrounded by, and knew that this, too, would be valuable for her future. She must show appropriate sobriety and seriousness for the sensibilities of her betrothed’s Gothic house, to demonstrate a commitment to being as one soul with him, but she must absolutely not allow anyone to think that she considered herself something other than Rogalian. The politics around the match and the Pactum Domini were far too volatile for anything else.

Such uncertainty would not do, she knew. It was not fitting for a highborn woman. So she watched her mother, hoping to learn all those little details she must master in the coming weeks. There was much work to be done.

Labor Drive

The City of Stragosa is seeking laborers for a number of civic projects this winter. If you are looking for work to occupy the coming weeks, please contact Lady Alexandra Gale by the 10th day of January. Those citizens who work for the good of the city are eligible to receive food, housing, and other benefits as announced by the Master of Coin.

Church District Employment and Housing available

The Church District has openings for the following positions:

A steward for an estate. Requires a competent understanding of the finer points of manners (Etiquette 3)

An impresario for the theater. Requires competency in a wide range of performing arts and the basics of mercantilism (Performance 3, Mercantile 1)

A stock keeper for the warehouse. Must be of good health and endurance (Grit 2)

A jail keeper and executioner, both for the jail and related gallows. Must be capable of inciting fear to maintain order (Intimidate 2 for both)

A paper miller for the paper mill. Must be knowledgeable in the production of paper. (Papermilling focus).

Contact Lady Gale if interested. Terms negotiable.

January 604 Newsletter

Stragosa City Rulership
Reichgrafin Sir Hezke Heidrich
Seneschal Dame Kirsa Blackiron
Master of Coin Lord Emich Volksnand
Lord Marshal Lord Reinhardt Sonnenheim

District Magistrates
Princess Loredonna diLaCorvo, Market District
Prince Korma Araga, South District
Lord Pietro Giotolli, Well District
Lady Alexandra Gale, Church District
Lady Patricia Underwood, Guard District

Silbran Rulers
Reichgraf, Baroness Evelyn Drake
Master of Coin, Corvo di Talmerin
Eparch, Brother Aretreus

January Forum Events
Friday Evening
9 PM, Council Meeting (Invitation only)
9 PM, Spirit of Stragosa celebration

11 AM, Convocation
12 PM, Public Market
12 PM, Warfare Meeting (please speak to Lord Marshal to attend)
2 PM, Tournament

City Announcements

Sir Hezke Heidrich, Reichgrafin of Stragosa, reminds all citizens that the Miracle is to remain locked at all times, and any use of the Miracle must be approved by the Reichgrafin, Seneschal, Lord Marshal, or Eparch.

Common Law of the City
Murder, treason, rape, theft from the city or a member of the nobility, and large scale burglary are considered major crimes, to be arbitrated by the Reichgrafin and Seneschal or Lord Marshal.

Common Crimes such as petty theft, drunkness, and disputes among the common people will be arbitrated by the Constable. The full text of the laws will be posted for the public in the tavern.

The City of Stragosa continues to seek labor both skilled and unskilled both at and between forums. Speak to a District Magistrate if seeking work. There is a particular need for laborers to help build gathering villages to ensure the needs of the people are met.

Events of Fall 604LA
William II de la Marck

Death of Baroness Drake: Near the beginning of the forum, Baroness Drake was killed and revived with the Miracle. Due to the circumstances, we’ve been asked to refrain from questioning further.
Rash of Deaths: Before dawn on the second day of the Forum, three herb hunters were killed by a Bear Spirit with a sword. Father Renatus, Luca, and Salem were found dead. At some point it was discovered that the Bear Spirit would leave you alone if you spoke in rhyme or if you gave it an offering of meat.
Story Teller of Stragosa: In the early afternoon on the second day of the Forum, if someone was wandering near the lake, a story teller could be found sitting near a campfire there. They stayed until past dark before making their way away.
The Unfortunate Death of the Undying: During an archeological excavation on the property of Balthazar, Freydis was killed when they were ambushed by ghouls. Unfortunately they were unable to recover the body until later. However they did manage it after some time had passed.
The Beggar Kings released their newest song, a heroic tale featuring Stragosa’s own Balthazar.
However when night fell, Freydis returned as Malefic. Balthazar offered himself up as payment to resolve her spirit’s pain and they returned to God together.
Return of the Kaurlites: As the Night Lord’s Feast began to draw to a close, more and more malefic seemed drawn to the doors of the Farmer’s Daughter. Eventually, the fighting became so intense that the tavern was forced to evacuate to the church, during which time the prospective prosecutor, Sybil, was killed. After a banshee was sighted with the heretic, the defenders of Stragosa beat back the malefic and the crowd returned to the tavern for a well deserved round of drinks.
The Miracle: On the third day of the Forum, after a ritual had been performed to honor the wishes of Luca and Salem, it was decided that Father Renatus would be the recipient of the Miracle.
The Ritual of the Hearth: Lead by the Mother Superior, those farmers preparing for the final harvest of the season paraded through Stragosa, gathering those who might help them. It was a source of much joy following the events of the previous night and was a good way to finish the gathering.

New Arrivals by William II de la Marck

Sooirse Kellibairn, most recently of the Parlimentary University, who has come to Stragosa to investigate the Miracle and to establish herself as a brewer and tea maker. She has recently been hired by the Farmer’s Daughter.

William II de la Marck, of Le Sorelle, Hestralia, who has come to Stragosa seeking new markets and better opportunities.

Khala of Sha’ra, who has come to Stragosa to find new opportunities and seeking personal freedom.

Hekte of Aquilla has recently arrived in Stragosa bearing messages from Hestralia and has decided to stay for a while. He swiftly found a place in Stragosa delivering messages for many different people and factions.

Daciana Silvian of Berceau de Artere Capaccione, who came to Stragosa to seek her fortune. She’s recently found a place among the Fraternis Sanguine.

Public Announcements

Prince Korma Araga will be purchasing fathered goods throughout the weekend. Payment available in coin or food.
l be purchasing gathered goods throughout this forum. Payment in food or coin available.

Lion’s Oasis College open for students. Curriculum this Season includes the core principles of Faith, Resolve and Intellect. Prices start at 10s/student. Free instruction in Aldersabin available. Inquire with Azzam for additional options and services.

Guard wanted – seeking reputable, skilled individual to lead College campus guard. Compensation negotiable.

Niall MacCraig is hosting a party celebrating the spirit of community within Stragosa Friday night. There will be dancing and music and frivolity. Come welcome new arrivals and meet your neighbors.

The Church District has employment opportunities available for the Impresario of the Theater, Steward of an Estate, Stockheeper of a Warehouse, and Jailer to staff the Prison. Please speak to Lady Alexandra Gale if you are interested.

The Metalli are seeking workers from apprentice to master including smiths, engineers, carpenters, and others. Crafting services are available. Seek Master Borso.

Master Eloi is taking orders for Masterwork items of Light Armor and Outfits. Feel free to speak with him about how these items would be advantageous to you no matter your station. Goods and labor accepted in payment as well is coin. Schedule is determined by demand.

Master Eloi is seeking needleworkers to volunteer time and effort to help the city. He has 100 linen that he is donating and wishes to turn into bandages to be given over to the church for the greater good of Stragosa. This could be done at forum or in between. Every little bit helps.

The Many Hands is available to help coordinate those whose time is available for labor with those who are seeking labor. Seek Sir Marius or Allegra.

The Mille Delize seeks performers or those wishing to learn. Seek Master Alonzo.

Lady Alexandra Gale offers her services in hosting and negotiation.

Lady Alexandra Gale is seeking to engage the ongoing services of a hunter, forester, or farmer.

Open Letters to the Forum

On Lord Emich von Volksand
(from an anonymous contributor):

Lord von Volksnand has recently taken on a most difficult and thankless position as Master of Coin. While many of us may gripe about taxes, the reality is, we all enjoy the things those taxes bring, like sewers and security. Lord von Volksnand has been serving in this position, taking our endless complaints and problems with good humor and humilty, as he has undertaken all of his previous service to the people of Stragosa-he has even toiled in the fields to ensure we all have what we need!. What better definition of service to mankind can be found than that? Though he is high born, he approaches all his interactions with those both great and small with modesty and impeccable leadership. He brings a breadth of knowledge to his position, and has worked industriously to better the Stragosa Valley (and I hear the ladies find him most charming as well!). So, I say, raise a glass to the Master of Coin, for his hardwork ensures we will all be safe and secure here in this city!


Lady Alexandria Vosslyn will provide advice in the newsletter to advise and amuse the community.. Please write her for her well educated advice.

Housing Available, and a staffing opportunity

The Church District has townhouse space available for housing. Please speak to Lady Gale.

Additionally, Lady Gale is seeking a person trained in etiquette (Etiquette 3) to run the estate located in the Church District. Staffing this estate will include residence there as compensation.

A letter to Mother Elizabeth Daunce of the Lurihim

Dearest Cousin,

I pray that this letter finds you well. I have now been in Stragosa for nearly a year and a half, and I must admit that though I am getting settled there are still things which constantly surprise me. I have been made a District Magistrate, which is an exciting new responsibility, and have been responsible for hosting a number of important city events, so it seems that uses for my skills do exist here. Stragosa is a place unlike any other that I have ever experienced, or even heard of. There is great potential here, great possibilities for the combined skills and strengthens of mankind’s nations to create something unique, something that truly befits the Throne of God on Earth. But there is also much to do to make that possible, for, while Stragosa may hold a diversity of people and possibilities, it also holds a mind-boggling array of difficulties. There seems to be a dearth of peasants willing to work the land, likely in part due to the sheer number of malefic in and around the city, not to mention the mass of Kuarlites that remain in the valley. There are efforts to mount a great campaign to eliminate the heretics, but as every Rogalian knows, armies do not march on empty stomachs-and of course, much of the potential farmland in the valley goes unworked for a lack of knowledgeable farmers. And so it goes. It seems that, like a tangled ball of yarn, pulling one string to free it only tightens other knots. I can only pray that being here in my youth shall make me a stronger ruler in my own right someday-at the very least, I suppose, I will have experience facing some rather challenging issues.

It’s not as though things are terrible here, though. I have made friends among the representatives of a handful of Rogalian houses, and am working to form alliances, or at least individual friendships, with members of houses from elsewhere in the Throne. Naturally, much of the rulership here is Gothic. I sometimes wonder if they don’t quite know what to make of me-it seems that even in my most serious and somber moments I am far more emotive than they. At the very least, I feel I am developing a good working relationship with them, and am hopefully proving my worth through my efforts. Alas, the one thing this valley seems to lack is men of high birth looking for a marriage match, so I suppose I shall continue waiting for father to find the correct match for me. I will confess to a bit of jealousy watching the various little romances and courtships blossom around me, but perhaps that simply isn’t within what God has planned for me.

Pray for me, cousin, that I may find wisdom to make good and godly decisions in this endlessly complicated place, and pray for the whole of the Stragosa valley, that we may weather the upcoming challenges of the winter. As always, you are in my prayers.

May God watch over us all,


More positions available

In her capacity as Magistrate of the Church District, Lady Alexandra Gale is seeking persons interested in serving in one of the following positions, in order of priority:
Executioner-must be trained in the application of force to obtain compliance (Intimidate 2)
Stockkeeper-must have trained their body to resist disease and physical strain (grit 2)
Impresario-must be trained in the ways of creative performance (Performance 3) and money management (Mercentile 1)
Papermiller-must be knowledgeable in the production of paper (Papermilling advanced study)

Additionally, Lady Gale is seeking farmers for her land parcel beginning in Spring. She is also announcing the availability of her forest lands for the use of hunters and foresters beginning in Spring. Please notify Lady Gale of your desire to work on her lands and to reach an agreement on share of products.

Grave Warden Needed

Lady Alexandra Gale, in her capacity as Magistrate of the Church District, is seeking a Grave Warden for the Necropolis in her District. The Grave Warden must be a person who has trained and conditioned themselves for excellent resistance against disease and physical strain (Grit 2) and who has devoted their heart and soul to God and their faith strongly (Zeal 3). Please send a message to Lady Gale if you are interested in the position to discuss compensation and details. This position is of highest priority.

Seeking workers

Lady Gale is seeking one laborer to build a hunting camp on her parcel. Please contact Lady Gale for details.

Additionally, Lady Gale is seeking to engage the services of a highly skilled hunter, capable of conducting antagonizing actions to improve the health of the animal populations available to hunters on her parcel.