An Unsent Letter to Maeve MacCraig I

My Dearest Mother,

You will likely never read this letter, it’s far too dangerous to send and risks spoiling the hard work I’ve put in to the task I was sent here for. This shall as merely an accounting of my tale should one day it need be told, and writing to you helps with the feelings of homesickness deep within me. My journey thus far has been trying to say the least and no amount of training could have prepared me for what awaited me in the valley. From shambling corpses, lazerine cultists, even the fae have made an appearance since my arrival. Had I been aware before I might have abandoned this plan. That said the longer I spend the more convinced I become that this is the right course of action. The city is full of people sympathetic to our plight, powerful people with the means and the intent to help. In fact I’ve sworn myself to a Hestrali merchant house the Giotolli’s who have dedicated resources to helping Duns in need. After hearing all they do for my fellow countrymen I felt good in taking a vow to help them to further their goals. Besides among the lot of them I’ve found companions that east the ache in my chest being so far away from home in many ways they remind me of my siblings. One of them, a privateer of sorts reminds me of Finn, boisterous and charming. It’s no surprise that a man that reminds me of my favorite brother would quickly become a friend. I count myself among good company here and one can never have too many friends in this cursed place.

Other alliances are in the works, but I dare not even write down the details. I’ve set things in motion that I am unsure about, that might change the way people look at me—that might change the way you look at me. I hope that people will be able to look past the choice I’ve made and see that I did it for the homeland. My conscious is clear and I’ve no regrets, but only time can tell if that will continue to be the case. I swear that regardless of the outcome my first duty will be to the Motherland.

I also find myself worried about Reese, I know that he’s sworn to take Ros Droma from me by any means necessary but that currently involves a treacherous journey into very unsafe territory. As much as I believe in the core of my being that I am the rightful wielder of the family legacy and will gladly defend my right to carry it—I wish no harm to come to my brother as misguided as he is. Mayhaps I’ll be able to get him to see reason, show him the progress I’ve already made. My short time in Stragosa has taught me many things, foremost among them that we are not alone. By keeping our people isolated the Rennet family has fostered the belief that we are indeed isolated. Seeing all the people here who wish to stand against their tyranny further solidifies my conviction that we cannot win this war alone.

(scribbled out) Mother I wonder were you as nervous as I am now before you married father. Fiona is a fine lass and a merging of Clans MacCraig and MacLaren is strategically sound. But I never imagined that I’d be marrying for anything less than true love, and the fact of the matter is that I so not love her. She will make a fine wife and an amazing mother, but my heart yearns for more. A fire that she unfortunately does not stoke. At this point I fear the repercussions of going back on my arrangement more than I loathe the idea of a loveless marriage. So I shall suffer in silence. (end scribbles)

May God keep you in good health
Your son

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