A Traveler of the Woods

She skipped as she avoided another tree root through the forest. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so free. The crunch of the snow under her feet was so soothing. She always marveled at the snow in Gotha. They never really got that back home with it always being so warm. Her soldiers should have been safely reposted in Portofino shortly after she left. Her familial responsibilities taken care of. She had even pieced together another part of the puzzle before leaving. Sure, she knew she had to face whatever new mess this cursed land had in store for her but she had discovered something truly beautiful.

She pulled another twig that must had gotten in her hair out as she looked at the setting sun. It was probably a good time to make camp for the night and catch her meal.

As she cooked a hare that evening by the fire, she opened up the book she always kept by her side. With a quickly demolishing piece of charcoal, she drew what must have been the tenth rendition of the same image. Pausing only once when she swore she heard movement nearby.

After resheathing her sword and dagger upon deciding it was just her imagination, she went back to her drawing. Smiling and giggling to herself the entire time.

In the morning, she opened her book back up however this time she opened to the first two pages titled family tasks and personal respectively. Each had items listed as in progress or completed. Taking her charcoal back up, she crossed off a line on personal. Smiling to herself, Isabella closed and reattached the book to her belt before heading towards Stragosa. With a steadying breathe that sounded much like a sigh, it was time to put away Isabella the person and become Dana Isabella Scordato the knight commander again. Hopefully she wouldn’t have to deal with too much nonsense upon her return.

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