A Letter Home

Decembris 604
I thank you for sending Der Rachenritter. It is my hope that I can end this crusade as soon as possible. With the Imperial forces under Imperator Corvinus and the other commanders, including Graf Trakt we should be able to remove the Kuarlite threat to the Valley. I should like to remove the stain of vile heresy from this part of Gotha.
I have agreed to become the Marshal of Stragosa since Sebastian has travelled back to Woefeldt. It allows me to direct the campaign more fully against the heretical forces that have coalesced in this forsaken Valley. We have had several setbacks, these creatures are extremely hard to kill while being lethal combatants. I have however taken battle to them as well with several victories of my own.
During these last seasons fighting, between my duties within the City, I have kept up with my studies. I think often on your adage: “Tree which is not growing is dying.” I have been reading in my few moments alone to keep the darkness from overtaking me, so many lives lost like embers of a campfire doused before moving camps. I cannot help but think about all of the men that I have lost in this valley.
This place may be an untapped resource for the Empire but it is requiring a very steep price in terms of blood from our family. I am beginning to think that this place may not be worth the cost of lives. But I will discharge the duties of the position to which I have been appointed. I also fully intend on destroying every heretic force in this valley as payment for my men’s lives.
On a happier note, your Grandson “requires” that I inform you that he has grown more skilled with a blade and has been studying his books “diligently” in order to show you that he is ready to become a page. It is my hope that within the next year to foster him with another family to help educate him further prior to him returning to become a squire in Sonnenberg. I know that my time in Lystadt as a youth was important to where I sit now. If you have any recommendations to that regard I should like to hear them from you.
I look forward to hearing from you about the happenings back home. Give my regards to mother. Until next we correspond.


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