Stromberg Fenristadt Holy Lethia Port Melandir Aquila Qen-Kormria Tennebraille Vissvind Fyndhal Mordstadt Verunheim Todenstadt Voult Durnith Akah Verstecktheim


Distance from Stragosa: 1 Hex by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 4 Hexes by land.

Holy Lethia

Distance from Stragosa: 6 Hexes by land.

Port Melandir

Distance from Stragosa: 5 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 9 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 16 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 13 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stagosa: 2 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 5 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 6 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 6 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 8 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 13 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 18 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 20 Hexes by land.


Distance from Stragosa: 10 Hexes by land.

Travel through the Throne can be dangerous, and many perils can befall a traveler before they reach their journey.  However, this risk is why there is so much profit to be made from braving the roads, whether it is with a caravan of goods meant for another market or with postage or parcels to maintain communication.

Travel Risk

Travel usually incurs Risk.  The severity of the Risks can be based on many conditions, as mundane as road quality and confusing maps, to the more serious threats of banditry, to trying to travel through a region inflamed by war.  Travelers must deal with Risks for every Hex that they travel through.  Certain effects, such as some Melandihim rituals, reduce Travel Risk for the group that they Travel with.   

Travel Distance

The amount of time that Travel takes is based on the Travel Distance in hexes as portrayed in the map above.  The following rates are at default speeds.  For any Travel Distance greater than Local, the Travel Downtime Action must be used, and for some distances, may be required to use more than once to reach the destination.  Characters that have traveled too far away from their local Theater may not attend an Event there during the time they are away.  

Some methods of travel, such as a Riding Horse, or Ships, increase the traveling speed of those using them.  For each Travel Speed, a person using the Travel Downtime may go up to 2 Hexes per Speed in the world map above in the space of their Downtime action.  Ordinary foot travel has a Travel Speed of 1, while Riding Horses have a Travel Speed of 2, and many naval Ships have Travel Speeds of 3 or even higher.  

If the travelers want to make a round-trip to their destination, they need to factor both Risk and Distance twice.  Characters who are in a distant Theater during the time of an Event cannot play their normal character at that Event.  

Only one destination can be engaged with during a Travel Downtime Action, such as meeting with a character or doing business like buying or selling.  While at the destination, any reasonable number of actions may be taken there, however.