Trade Services


Services are offerings that Craftspeople can provide using very little materials, and thus can be done with great frequency for many customers.
ItemMaterialProfessionSpecial Notes
SharpeningRaspMetalworkingAdds Power to 1 use of a Striking Condition.  Each Rasp has 10 uses of Sharpening.
Arrow BalancingPlankWoodworkingStandard Arrows gain a Perk for the next scene they are used.
Wood BraceStrapWoodworkingA crude weapon does not break after the next combat in which it is used.
Tightening Strap FittingStrapLeatherworkingAllows an extra Step when using Swoop in the next Scene it is used.
Hidden PocketHempTailoringMay hide a single small item within the stitching of a piece of clothing as per Finesse: Concealment until it is removed once, tearing the stitching.
Clean, Press, and StitchHempTailoringThe user gains a Hope whenever they use their Outfit for its Statement for the next Period/8 Hours