Support Staff Confirmation

Thank you and welcome!

We’ve received your submission and we look forward to working with you! Staff will contact you before game with any additional information. Feel free to send any questions to In the meantime, you may want to read our starting guide for general setting information and logistics. You can also become familiar with the core rules  but can also attend the rules review provided to new players at the start of each game.

Location & schedule

Game takes place at Cornet Bay Retreat in Oak Harbor, WA. Staff begins setup at 12PM on the Friday of game and begins cleanup on Sunday at 12PM after closing ceremonies. The hours between 2AM and 8AM are considered “safe hours” where players will not be disturbed inside their cabins, but may still experience encounters outdoors. All lodging used by players and staff is enclosed with heating, indoor plumbing and kitchen facilities. When game is on, players and all player spaces are expected to remain in-character, which means that lights remain off unless needed temporarily for safety reasons.

Cornet Bay Retreat
400 Cornet Bay Rd,
Oak Harbor, WA 98277

What to expect

You will have several roles throughout the weekend. Some will involve combat and some will be more social with indirect goals. These characters will be written ahead of time and will have clear objectives that will be provided to support staff as needed. Costumes will be provided, but please bring your own base layer: a warm black shirt, warm black pants and comfortable boots.

Recommended packing list:

Again, thank you so much for helping us to put this game on and we look forward to seeing you on site!