Storytellers & Clerics


Storytellers are the masterminds behind your personal plot and the faces behind the creatures that terrify you. When they aren’t chasing your character at game, they spend hours writing personal stories and letters, respond to hundreds of support tickets and make sure that all of behind-the-scenes game systems which influence world events are functioning.

Sean Y.
Sean Yeager is the creator of the Gothic: the Lion Age setting and rule set, and is the Head of Staff. He cares about history, philosophy, politics, data science and understanding the world in terms of its systems and forces. Despite being a convincing human android, Sean appears to contain human feelings.
Andrew W.
Andrew loves storytelling. He loves the moment when the listener is really drawn in and fully engrossed in the moment. His real life devotion is “Idealism fairness.” If you’re having a bad time or are unhappy with a situation, he will do his best to find a way to improve it. If you have a rules question, he’s a good person to ask.
David H.
David has been playing and storytelling in LARPs since the late 90's. He plays guitar and does vocals in a black metal band, and runs table top games in his free time. Suffice to say, he is a nerd.
Grey S.
Grey is a soft bean with an incredible talent for creative writing. If you’ve got an in-character romance brewing, Grey is ready to weave some drama. He is a doggo aficionado. All dogs are good dogs. Grey is a theatrical scenic painter and project manager.
Kerry B.
Kerry has been LARPing and storytelling in various organizations for the past two decades. She enjoys Viking-era historical enactment in the SCA and plays keyboards/strings in a black metal band called Barrowlands. She loves cats. Like, a lot a lot. Seriously hand her a kitten.
Mags has been LARPing since she was sixteen, has been on staff for about a year and is really passionate about Gothic. She’s a talented makeup artist and enjoys creating sfx prosthetics. Fun fact: Mags can recite every mage incantation both forwards and backwards.
Mario M.
Mario has been a storyteller since 1980. He likes gaming and appreciates all game styles. Mario is open to ideas about how to better serve the needs of the community and is always willing to listen. Fun facts: English is his second language and he has DM’d D&D underwater on a nuclear submarine.
Paul C.
Paul is a senior staff member has been with Gothic from the very beginning. He is well versed in the magic system, religion, and accept bribes in the form of gourmet coffee. Fun fact: Paul rode cross country on a motorcycle with all of his possessions in a duffle bag to get a fresh start on life.


Clerics are a small group of players who assist the Storytellers with logistical tasks that don’t require access to sensitive character information, such as creating or sourcing props, booking, programming, organization, research and generally function as a support team.

Lauren K.
Lauren is relatively new to LARPing, but has many tabletop RPGs and MUDs in her backstory. She is both webmaster and photographer for Gothic and organizes much of the logistics. In her every day life, she is a scientist and competitive weightlifter who loves bats.
Max H.
Max is an artist who specializes in character drawings and a cosplayer who sews his own costumes. Max loves Gothic -- it was his very first LARP and the reason he fell in love with the hobby. Max is a powerhouse when it comes to getting things done!
Julie I.
Julie is a real life mad scientist and has a cat named Maxine (Max) Danger. She worked on BattleTech and for Pathfinder and has over a decade of programming experience, with a comprehensive gaming history dating all the way back to MUDs and MUSHes. She really likes pineapple on her pizza.
Mike C.
Mike is an Army veteran. He has been larping for over five years and been playing and running table tops for the better part of two decades. He adds logistics and organizational experience to the team.